US Air Strike hits mosque in Falluja, 40 killed..

The only part you don't understand in me is that I do not support troops in Iraq;

You don't support the brave men and woman who volunteered to risk their lives protecting you? You don't support the young soldiers in a foreign country, with crazy men trying to kill them and their friends blowing up right before their eyes and everybody criticizing them at every possible moment? There are people on this forum with family and friends in Iraq (I do), even people that are in Iraq right now. You don't support them? if you disagree with the war and the President, there is still something in this world called gratitude...

I respect your opinions, however much I might disagree with them, but this just makes me sick.
I think that is the best way to radically fight the war movement, to discourage the soldiers who they themselves have been brainwashed in thinking like Baby-killers by their superiors, and make them want to come back home to their families and continue their lives in peace

Christos, so, are you going to come by Camp Lejeune and mention this opinion? How about Ft. Benning? Do you need addresses? I can set up a meeting for you between a few officers and enlisted. Saying it on the internet is one thing, however, if this is how you truly feel then you really need to get the message out to us "brainwashed baby-killers." Or, if you prefer, I can make certain a few young brainwashed baby-killers have your POC and perhaps they can contact you. I am certain they will enjoy hearing your POV, I know I certainly have. Let me know, I am 100% for freedom of speech, as well as being 100% for the consequences of that often used freedom. Do not say anything over the net that you do not want to be accountable for off. Have a very lovely day, little lady.
"I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity."
- General Dwight D. Eisenhower

Hmmm. Can't remember killing or eating any babies. Must be the brainwashing. Christos, the whole point of supporting our troops is that they are in harms way, and anything which interferes with their ability to deal with that gets more of them killed. The ultimate method of supporting them, therefore, is ending the war as smoothly as possible, while not handcuffing their actions beyond standards such as the Geneva convention. Just as, at this point, the best thing that can be done for the iraqi people is to rebuild their country, preferably with UN support. UN, because the US nation building record isn't exactly great. :?

I have the greatest respect for your views, dirty hippy. :lol:
Christos, I would recommend that you take a course/class or two in conversation techniques...

Your post was better this time, and I respect that you have other opinions, but ending it with brainwashed baby-killers, and hoping to convince the majority of this forum that your opinion is the right one... hmmm.....

But your posts are getting better, so I would recomend you to try once more, and leave out words like brainwashed baby killers, child molestors, etc... (do a search for "Bad words" or something like that on Google to find more...)

Good luck...

Yeah I almost forgot my second point:
The real babykilles down there, in my opinion, are the ones hiding behind the women/children/babies...

Yes, good point admin. The terrorists in the Middle East are known to make this cinical use of the civilian population...