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Hey you guys,

Im kinda new here and i was thinking about enlisting in the Marine Corps. I still have 3 years to think about it, and i already talked to the recruiter but i was wondering what its like to be in the Corps. To the Marines in the forums, or even advice from anyone else for that matter. Some of my questions are, and im sorry if some of the questions sound stupid but i dont know lol and i hope to fix that. Anyway:

What was the reason you joined the Marine Corps :?:

What has it given you ( morals, integrity,etc etc) :?:

Whats the main thing you need to look out for in Bootcamp, ( just for a heads up) :?:

What is the best part about being in the Marine Corps :?:

What is the worst :?:

Ummm lets see....

Even some of your stories from, i dont know, Bootcamp, etc etc, i would like to hear. I already read most of them from the other forum for Marine Stories on it and was hoping that someonelse might have better or funnier ones. Ive been thinking of going into the military since i was like 5. First i wanted to go into the Navy and be a pilot, then i wanted to go into the Air Force and be a pilot. But finally i heard about the Marine Corps and their acconmplishments, Iwo Jima, Belleua Wood, Wake Island ( not really an accomplishment because they were ovveran but their valor and bravery) Pacific etc etc. Oh and how hard is the ASVAB test. Im good in almost everything but Math, which is mostly Algebra 1. The MOS im looking to do is to be a Small Arms Repairer/Technician. But i will still be happy with just being a Marine grunt or whatever. Im not really worried about the pay because i think as long as i put my trust in God he will help me with that kinda stuff. I will still have to do things not just sit around. But for inspiration and motivation. Anyway... I would really appreciate ANY kind of help for the military. Thank You. :D

Ian Whitaker (SemperFi!)
What was the reason you joined the Marine Corps

A) The Main Reason that I joined was because of my family, my Grandpa was in during WW2, My Father during Vietnam.

What has it given you ( morals, integrity,etc etc)

A) Trust, you can trust yourself more that ever

Whats the main thing you need to look out for in Bootcamp, ( just for a heads up)

A) Staff Sergeants!!!! and Gunny Sergeants!!! Simple as that

What is the best part about being in the Marine Corps

A) Respect, everyone knows who and what a Marine is

What is the worst

A) Being away from home

FYI... It isn't easy, it is the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life, but it is worth it. Totally

Once a Marine, Always a Marine

Semper Fi
Thank you USMC Johnny! What do the SSgt's and the Gunneys do? :drill: Or will i have to find that out for myself. :?: ;) :?: :eek:


What do the Gunny Sgts and Staff Sgts do?

Well lets see.... From the moment you get off the bus till the end of the Crucible they yell at you none stop. All day long.

But that is half the fun of becoming a Marine!!! The NCO'S
LOL! What is Bootcamp like? IF you can, can you describe what you do every day from when you get up in the morn, to when you go to "bed". If its not too much to write. ;)

What is the best part of Bootcamp or is there any?

Thanks again :D
Not in yet but I think I can help a little.

All right then. First off I am not yet a Marine, but I am enlisted and here are some good tips for you.

1.Do good in school. I screwed off til my senior year and while I managed to catch up its just best for you to try while you still can.

2.If you want to be a Marine well you do have three years so excersise and you will definitely have an edge and maybe be top of your platoon.
one of the things that got me interested is how before I signed up, the recruiters came to the school to administer a physical test. In this test you bench press your body weight 13x and do 13 pull-ups. I did this my sophomore year and junior year.But there was a higher goal 20 of each.
at the end of my junior year I was excelling in one thing, weight training so I tried it and at the end of my junior year i did it barely. But I did again twice my senior year. And the last time I didn't slow down kick my feet or anything. My recruiter said if I can do that in boot I should have a few less problems (excluding gunny's and all there just isn't anything you can do about that. Just watch full metal jacket its probably the same without slapping thats a big no-no now)

3. Do well on the asvab and dont take it at your school take it at meps on the computer. You are gonna be nervous no matter what but there are study books at public libraries so study. About the math keep workin on it and try to finish algebra specificly because its about the highest math on the asvab but its nothing complicated just basic ****. and before you know it you will probably get a better score than you thought. I felt lost the whole time but ended up with an 81 out of 99 an extremely high and rare score so don't stress to much.

4. Values. Love your country and truly try to understan what that really means. This is the best place in the world and if keep believing by the time you get more mature you will really understand why it is the little things. its to hard to explain but I think it will sink in when your older.
and finally above everything else is GOD, COUNTRY, and the CORPS
and Semper Fi Devilpup.
Thank you DevilDog! I agree with everything you said. Im trying to do well in school, i am good in English, Spanish, PE, and some other classes, its just the homework crap that gets me, i know i have to do it, but i just dont see A LOT of Algebra in my future.

As far as the exercise, i go to the gym every other day before school (7:00AM), my only problem is that im not very big. Im probably one of the smallest people in my high school. I know i can improve that, and im trying. I cant help myself height wise, but i can make myself stronger. I am about 4'11'', and im around 95 pounds. So as you can see im not very big or muscular but i have begun to see my muscles be more defined over the month that i have been going to the gym. My main problem is pull-ups. That really is the killer for me. I am practicing them though.

ASVAB...I dont even know what kinda stuff is on that. Is it stuff you have learned in school? Is it military related?

As for the last one...I never have to worry about that. I do love my country, i love everything that it stands for. There is no other reason that i want to join the Corps than your last comment. God, Country, and Corps. Numero Uno) i am a Christian, i have excellent morals, and i have good judgement, i know when something is not right or i shouldnt be hanging out with some people...so i dont......! I love this country and im willing to fight anything, anywhere, anytime so i can have this country and its wonderful freedom. I value this country more than a lot of things and i wouldnt trade it for all the wealth in the world. Many people died on my behalf defending this wonderful nation and i wont sit idly by and let it be destroyed by all the terrorists and evil dictators and............*ahem* Democrats ;) ..and anyway... Although im not in the Marine Corps yet, i consider myself someone that was meant to be in it. And i dont believe in that very often. But this is a special case. This i believe my Lord Jesus Christ called me to do....And thats what i will do. I would rather fight and die, than have freedom taken from this country. In the words of Patrick Henry.... " ...Give me liberty, or give me death!" . And thats what i live by. "For (another good quote) it is better to die on your feet, than to live on your knees."

Thanks DevilDog. Good Luck in the Marines and God Bless America! :cowb:
Arithmetic Reasoning 100% :D
Word Knowledge 70 % :)
Paragraph Comprehension 100% :D
Mathematics Knowledge 70% :)

Thats what i got, but it was the short test.
semper you said you are 4'11'', and around 95 pound how much is it in meters and kilos, can some one tell me that?
Do good in school. that is the most important thing I can tell you, and go to college!!! become an officer. trust me I have been in the Corps 6 years now and I am just now trying to get back to school to get my degree. It will be hard but I will never quit. I love the Corps to death. but beware the BS. -usmc one good deal after the other

go in with a good atitude take everything in strides and yopu will have a good time.

semper fi
This is second hand knowledge, so take it for what it's worth, but apparently you make your final decision on Navy or Marines during your Junior year at Annapolis.