Uncle Sam want's YOU! To resolve this trivia!

Mwashu said:
Heinkel He-178?

:lol: How can it be German if it has USAAF insignia? :lol: :D

It's Lockheed's plane.
And that's far as I go in giving hints! :D
I even told You the "brand", now solve it! :D
Now there's a guy who knows the history of our AF! :D
Lockheed L133 is the right answer!
300 Milbucks are in Your bank! :D
Okay... Now a little bit of questions.....
Questions are for 75 milbucks
I tour of the questions:

1. When was the first attempt by Britain to colonise America?

2. Who was the leader of the expedition?

3. With how many ships he went to attempt colonisation, and how many colonists were on them?

4. How did he die, and who took his place?

5. What was the name of his ship?

6. What is the name of the place where they started their colonisation?

7. When did they reach their final destination?

8. Who was the queen of Britain at that time?

Now let's see Your answeres! :D
1. 1576
2. Sir Humphrey Gilbert
3. 3 ships(plus 2 in the first wave)
4. shipwreck(reading a book when ship disappeared)- Sir Walter Raleigh
5. At one point, Delight. At another point, Squirrel.
6. North Carolina
7. Let's try August 3
8. I maintain Elizabeth

Ist es richtig?
? :?:
Year....not correct
Quuens name......confused
Well they found the way on 13 of July.... It's near enough... :D But I think they established it than...(on 3august)
I'm alive, but busy, with school stuff.....
My info is from book:
"A History of American People"
By Paul Johnson