Uncle Sam want's YOU! To resolve this trivia!

Well I couldn't come up with something that hard for the 300 milbucks :oops: so here's a little something
Picture is worth 50 milbucks.

What's the name of this plane :D :

Yep, and He got the 50milbucks. Though He has six thousand, so I felt pretty lousy, giving Him so small amount of milbuckses :lol: :D
I am fullfilling my duty, and raising the reward on 300 Milbucks

Who will earn this amount of Milbucks so hard! :D
I feel like a moron now. It's not even a real aircraft. It looks like a computer generated image. :D Just look at the exhaust.
It is computer image *lol*
But the aircraft's real, but it doesn't have any true pictures(At least I couldn´t find´em.
Nooo...... :D , the question is : "What's the plane"
Not is it true or computer picture :D :lol:

Ok, here's another image:


I changed the names of pictures before I posted them, so if You try saving them, You will see Unknown 1 & 2 *LOL*
Nope *LOL*
A little hint, the plane is from 1930's *LOL*
Next thing I could do is to give You the link.....lol :D