UK vs. Israel - Total War

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This is taken from Sherman's post in the 'USA vs. UK' topic, but was kinda ignored. This seems like an interesting topic and I'd like to know what you guys think would happen.

How would it play out?
Who would win? etc,

Just post your thoughts on how you feel a war between the UK and Israel would be.

Thanks, Pad.
No, I don't think they'd be a UK-Israel war, atleast not for a LONG time.

I'm just wondering what this war would be like IF it happened.
I take you mean the end of the world? I doubt it.

Coul Israel defeat the UK in a conventional war? or vice versa?

Ok, lets see, am i objective?No!, do i care?NO!

Well, lets just say a war broke out....I guss a scenario is impossible to create since there is no real friction between us and the brits. Ok, I doubt Israel would(or could) invade the UK, so lets say the brits are comming here.
Acctually, Id say its hard to say who would win. The brits would have to land on a shore in Israel(assuming that they are not in a coalition with arab nations). This would be very diffecult. So, here is how id say it would happen-

1-UK massive naval armada approaches the Israeli coastline. They smash the Israel Navy with little losses to the Brits, but cannot get the Israeli Subnmarnes that continue to harras their landing.

2-The UK force reaches the coast line south of Tel-Aviv. The British carrier based Harriers take horrible casualties to supirior IAF F15/F16. The Sky is now a battle field between IAf attack jets and Royal navy SAMs. The IAF takes some casualties, but manages to sink a few british ships. The Royal marines lead the landing, followed by britsh army.

3-Upon landing they meet a small regular IDF force that stops their advance. Both sides take harsh casualties. The IDFs Attack choppers hit hard on the brits.

4-The Marines manage to put their foot in the door, the brits unload thei tanks and arty. British navy now almost out of SAMs. The IAF has taken brutal casualties, and is now taking planes out of the dry storage facyilies across Israel. 200000 trained Israeli reserves reach the lines and preapare to counter-attack.

5. The bulk of the invasion force is on the ground, as a massive Israeli counter offencive begins. The IDF troops are having a hard time against the well trained brits, and the advance is slow. IDF armor units are destroying what tanks the brits manage to get to the lines, the Attack choppers are having to deal with british AA. The IAF rallys to smash the british AA and SAM, air supriority isd now at the Hands of the IAF/IDF.

6. With the air in IDF a\hands the Brits are now being pushed back. The IDF suffers casualties, but the brits are being kiled by the scores.

7. The British are now holding by pure devotion and courage. The ships that are their lifeline are mostly sunk or havily damaged. The british gov admits defeat, Israel allows the British troops to withdraw peacefully.

Brits loose all of their Seaborn airpower. Loose about 30000 troops,dosens of tanks.
Israel looses 45% of its airforce, and 20000 man, only a few taks are lost.

REAL LIFE: IT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN. you would predict that the local arab nations would jump in on this one. I think you are right.

Now as to the availability of cruise missiles, i dont know if the Brits have any. They got some good nukes, but i dont know if they have this specific capability. I do know that Israel does have a counter battery to this problem, in the form of patriot missile batterys and hawk inplacements, so this form of attack may not work.

Could Israel defend and conquer on a four front war? They have done it before: they can just as well do it again. I believe they could, if they used their air assets carefully. it would all depend on how much of a shake-up the Air Forces could generate amongst the attackers.

The one sticky part of the whole equation is this: which side would the US be on if such a conflict existed? Israel? Britain? or would it stay neutral? or would it take down both partys in the name of maintaining a stable reigon in the area? A british invasion force and the israeli groups could be easily stopped by the humane use of EMP weapontry to totally destroy the communication and electronic systems needed by both groups to command and control their forces. if the other arab states got froggy at that time, im sure a non-humane method waits to deal with that situation too.

then again, there is good ole south africa. Now south africa has had a long standing friendship with Israel: do they have a mutual defense pact too? would they feel froggy enough to jump in and help Israel, as to honor a defense treaty, or would they stay out of it?

so many varibles. Im just glad that something like this will not come to pass in my day and age. Maybee in a hundred years... :D

Another one of those "Who's best" posts.... :?

I'll let this one run for now, but try to STAY ON TOPIC this time!!

Hey now, admin, you know i keep ontopic....

Now, the reason I avoided the Arab subject is because I knew it will cause the whole thing to be too complicated....I doubt Jordan or Egypt would join in...They worked too hard to reach peace with us on their terms....The Syrians might try somthing, but they would be cautious as the Turks(allied with Israel) are on their back...Ok, the Americans are impossible to put in the thing, since it's diffecult to think of a scanrio in which the Americans attack one of their 2 best allys. Anyways, any side that would have the US on it's side would win...
Now cryhavoc, what makes you say it's a mismatch?Both the IAF and the IDF are larger then the Royal Army and RAF....The only area in which the Brits are superior is the Navy. I have no doubt the Royal Navy would crush the Israeli Navy. But in the air, espcially against those funny Harriers, Israel is a sure winner. On the ground, well, the Brits are some of the best in the world, but on Israeli land, we are the best. As I said, tough match...Not a easy fight for anyone. Add to that the fact that neither side had a clash with modern army for more then 50 years...We really cant tell...

The war betweeIsreal and the UK shouldn't even happen. WE need to learn negotiate. YEs, but yet again in the place where it is hell, killing is negotiation. I don't think Isreal would win, but u never know. Life works in mysteriouse ways. We need to think this over.
But the question you have to ask yourself is, what happens if the US gets involved?

I have no doubt that the arabs would try to ally themselves with the brits. They have a chance to completely remove Isreal from the middle east equation, they are gonna jump at it like a somali on a steak.

If the brits go to war then the US will go along with them, as is required of them by the NATO charter. Unlike a lot of Europeans, we will honor our obligations.

If the US were to get involved, I think that the war might end much faster with fewer British casualties. All the US NAvy would have to do is put somne carrier battle groups in the Med, with attached ASW resources, and no offense to Israel, but the main conflict would be over much faster than anticipated. The problem would lie in occupation. With an ENTIRE nation TRAINED to fight, the ensuing guerrilla war would cost both sides GREATLY. Especially the US and the UK.

Nice points there Jagger. However, NATO is a defence allience not an offence one. If the Brits are the agressors, the USA would have to choose who tos side with.Obvcourse, this is so unlikely that it's hard to discuss.
As to the USN aircraft carriers, well, they are much more dangoures then the British ones, but remember that they are very similar in capabilties to the IAF. Never mind the US, as that is truely a complete war-winner(no one today can fight against the US for long and win.

Oh, Jagger, the gurrila thing you mentioned is intresting. Lets say that it's pure Israel Vs UK(No USA), and by some chance the Brits actually win(I just dont think they can take it....). Then what? Israels entire over 18(and some under) population has military training. Alot are armed. We have countless special tactics, explosives, electronic warfare experts that are on reserve.... Every high school student in Israel had some weapons training....This would be some gurrila.....
The only problem is the Brits are VERY experienced counter-insurgency warfare specialists. Yes, they would take a lot of casualties during the guerilla war, but they would eventually come out on top. Even if the US didn;t become an active combatant we would still support the brits with weapons and munitions.

If war does break out the united states should not interfere. But because a nation needs help we will. America will always do its best to help it allies. the war is suicide. Brits will have us to back it up or will they? We are also allies of Isreal. WE wont know anything until it happens. Lets pray that it doesn't. I don't need to see anymore of our boys coming home in boxes.
Nato includes The US and canada so yes you are right if the UK attacked then they wouldint act but if isreal attacked the US would HAVE to take the british side along side the french the canadians the australians other words total destruction of the isrealy army...
Either way it is of minor consequence. Ok, Israel and the UK going blow for blow would criple both countries. In the end they both would loose anyway. War is a terrible thing.
Re: yes

sherman105 said:
Yes war IS horrible, but running scanrios never hurts....

Agree, as long as we can keep it civilized, and the scenarios are not too far out..

Scenario training is a large part of any officer training/education too.
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