lol.. I got a hard stomach! lol Yea my dod got into this sight and is around here some were.. he was looking at the posts and was reading what I had said in different places.. He didnt eve realize it was me.. then he was like "hey this girl sounds kinda like you.. tough girl.. or something.." And I was like yo dad that is me! lol
then he got mad 'cause I had were we live on there... and school I go to. He almost took the internet away from me.... :cry: that would suck!
welcome to the forum, me lady(or rock solid girlas you term your self)

youll find ample others of your mindset at this forum im sure
thanks guys. I havent been on lately. Sunday I went to Universal Studios Islands od Adventure, monday I went to a really nice beach with my family, and today we are thinking about driving to the keys. Probably not cause my white mom is really sun burned and so is some of the other family members. I'm sun kissed. I tan like a god! lol But I'll be gone for the next week for leadership academy!! YEAYEAY!! I am sooo motivated! oh man I gotta run now or something.. oh I already ran 2 miles today! lol