Thoughts on the Russo-Ukranian War?

I am still amazed by the fact, can't the Americans find two better suited to be running for the president, or at least two younger ones. But the European NATO countries are stepping up and increase their defense
I agree, I really don't know how they have reached the point of having to choose between a declining octogenarian and a narcissistic one.
Wish I could vote for someone else, but one or the other is going to be reelected.
My in-laws are old school Reagan Republicans and they are in the same situation made worse by being in Arizona which apparently is a swing state so their vote matters (unlike say California which will go Democratic no matter what), they seem to be heading down the Biden path because they consider Trump and MAGA as a cult and dangerous to the country as a whole.

We have similar issues where we now have a mixture of centre right, far right and conspiracy nutters in charge and it is an absolute mess, we have one coalition party that has two senior members that believe in Nuremberg 2.0 and Chem-trails and it does your head in listening to these idiots, so good luck.

In other news..
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