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11th November 1918, the Armistace that ended WWI is signed, Germany Uncodtionally Surrenders to the allies
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November 11

1864 - American Civil War: Sherman's March to the Sea - Union General William Tecumseh Sherman begins burning Atlanta, Georgia to the ground in preparation for his march south.
1865 - Treaty of Sinchula is signed in which Bhutan ceded the areas east of the Teesta River to the British East India Company.
1921 - The Tomb of the Unknowns is dedicated by US President Warren G. Harding at Arlington National Cemetery.
1940 - World War II: Battle of Taranto - The Royal Navy launches the first aircraft carrier strike in history, on the Italian fleet at Taranto.
The German cruiser Atlantis captures top secret British mail, and sends it to Japan.
Armistice Day Blizzard: An unexpected blizzard kills 144 in U.S. Midwest.
1967 - Vietnam War: In a propaganda ceremony in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, three American prisoners of war are released by the Viet Cong and turned over to "new left" antiwar activist Tom Hayden.
1968 - Vietnam War: Operation Commando Hunt initiated. The goal was to interdict men and supplies on the Ho Chi Minh Trail, through Laos into South Vietnam.
1972 - Vietnam War: Vietnamization - The United States Army turns over the massive Long Binh military base to South Vietnam.
2004 - New Zealand Tomb of the Unknown Warrior dedicated at the National War Memorial, Wellington
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Nov 13

2001: Kabul captured by Northern Alliance
On this day in 2001, on the heels of the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan prompted by the deadly terrorist attacks of 9/11, the army of the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance captured the capital city of Kabul.


1985: Mount Ruiz in the Cordillera Central of the Andes, in west-central Colombia, erupted twice, burying the town of Armero on the Lagunilla River and killing an estimated 25,000 people. (wait..thats not military, well lets atleast honor those who died)


1918: Egyptian patriot Sa'd Zaghlul formed Al-Wafd al-Misri (Arabic: “Egyptian Delegation”), the nationalist political party that was instrumental in gaining Egyptian independence from Britain.


1916: During World War I, the costly four-month Allied offensive against German positions along the Somme River ended.


1770: George Grenville, the English politician whose policy of taxing the American colonies started the train of events leading to the American Revolution, died in London.

1002: English King Ethelred II launched an attack against Danish settlers in the St. Brice's Day massacre.


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Nov 14

Boutros Boutros-Ghali
Born this day in 1922, Egyptian scholar Boutros Boutros-Ghali, who served as secretary-general of the United Nations from January 1, 1992, to December 31, 1996, was the first Arab and first African to lead the UN.
(deals with politics , military and all..)

Flag of Eritrea.
1962: Eritrea made a province of the Ethiopian empire
On this day in 1962, the Ethiopian parliament and Eritrean Assembly voted unanimously for the abolition of Eritrea's federal status, making Eritrea (independent since 1993) a simple province of the Ethiopian empire.
(politix =military 8) )

2002: Chosen to succeed Richard Gephardt as leader of the Democratic Party in the U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi of California became the first woman to be named leader of either party in either house of Congress. hhhh...

1969: Apollo 12 was launched, carrying a crew of Charles Conrad, Jr., Richard F. Gordon, Jr., and Alan L. Bean, and five days later the mission made the second landing on the Moon. (not military but... its is kind of realated)

1885: The Serbo-Bulgarian War began when Serbian King Milan Obrenovic IV declared war on Bulgaria.

1305: Clement V was crowned pope, becoming the first of the Avignon popes (heavy stuff..)


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November 13th

1775 - American Revolutionary War: Patriot revolutionary forces under Col. Ethan Allen attack Montreal defended by British General Guy Carleton. Allen and his troops were disorganised and soundly defeated.
1941 - World War II: The aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal is torpedoed by U 81, she sinks on November 14.
1942 - World War II: Battle of Guadalcanal - Aviators from the USS Enterprise sink the Japanese heavy cruiser BB- Hiei.

1941: President Roosevelt announces the arming of American merchant vessels carrying Lend-Lease cargo to Britain.
1942: In Libya, the British 8th Army retakes Tobruk.
1944: German troops of Heeresgruppe E evacuate Skopje in Yugoslavia.
1965 Warrant Officer K. Wheatley, Australian Army Training Team Vietnam, originally from Sydney, New South Wales, wins the first Victoria Cross of the Vietnam War posthumously in the Tra Bong Valley, Quang Ngai province.

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November 14

1862 - American Civil War: President Abraham Lincoln approves General Ambrose Burnside's plan to capture the Confederate capital at Richmond, Virginia, leading to the Battle of Fredericksburg.
1940 - World War II: In England, the city of Coventry is heavily bombed by German Luftwaffe bombers.
1965 - Vietnam War: Battle of the Ia Drang begins - the first major engagement between regular American and North Vietnamese forces.

1940: Using a total force of 449 bombers, the Luftwaffe launches a heavy night attack against the major manufacturing city of Coventry, causing severe damage to industrial and civilian installations. The raid kills 550 people.
1943: German forces occupy several islands along the east coast of the Adriatic.
1944: The US Third Army (Patton) begins an offensive from the Nancy area toward the Saar, while Free French forces under General Leclerc attack from Alsace toward the upper Rhine.

1917 End of third battle of Ypres, Western Front. Australian troops had been involved in the third battle of Ypres for three and a half months and suffered heavy losses at such places as Menin Road, Glencourse Wood, Polygon Wood, Broodseinde Ridge and Passchendaele.
1974 Australian White Ensign lowered for the last time in Papua New Guinea. The Royal Australian Navy's base, HMAS Tarangau, and HMA ships Buna, Salamaua, Aitape, Lae and Madang were transferred to the Papua New Guinea Self Defence Force.

2002 - Iraq told the United Nations it accepted -- without condition or special requests -- the U.N. Security Council resolution authorizing the return of weapons inspectors to Baghdad.
1988 - The PLO proclaimed an independent state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, endorsing a renunciation of terrorism and an implicit recognition of Israel.
1993 - In a referendum, residents of Puerto Rico voted in favor of continuing their U.S. commonwealth status.
1989 - The Navy ordered a 48-hour stand-down for a safety review following 10 unrelated accidents resulting in 10 deaths during a three-week period.
November 15

1864 - American Civil War: Union General William Tecumseh Sherman burns Atlanta, Georgia and starts Sherman's March to the Sea.
1942 - World War II: Battle of Guadalcanal ends.
1941: Heeresgruppe Mitte (von Bock) begins the second phase of the battle for Moscow, employing the forces of three Panzergruppen, 2 (Guderian), 3 (Reinhardt), and 4 (Hoepner), as well as three infantry armies, 2.Armee (von Weichs), 4.Armee (von Kluge), and 9.Armee (von Küchler).
1943: In a counterattack, German forces recapture Shitomir and Korosten in the Ukraine.
1944 Australian government approves sending of Australian Women's Army Service (AWAS) members overseas. AWAS went to Lae, New Guinea, to replace men for service in forward areas. Members of the Australian Army Nursing Service (AANS) and the Australian Army Medical Women's Service (AAMWS) were already serving in New Guinea.
November 16

1632 - The Battle of Lützen, where king Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden is killed.
1776 - American Revolutionary War: Hessian mercenaries capture Fort Washington from the Patriots.
1857 - The relief of Lucknow. The most Victoria Crosses won in a single day (24).
1863 - American Civil War: Battle of Campbell's Station near Knoxville, Tennessee. Confederate troops unsuccessfully attack Union forces.
1940 - World War II: In response to Germany leveling Coventry two days before, the Royal Air Force bombs Hamburg.
1940 - Holocaust: In Poland, Nazis close off the Warsaw Ghetto from the outside world.
1943 - World War II: American bombers strike a hydro-electric power facility and heavy water factory in German-controlled Vermork, Norway.
1944: In the West, US and German forces begin the bitter battle for the Roer river crossings on the German-Belgian border.
1943 Admiral Louis Mountbatten appointed Supreme Allied Commander, South East Asia.
1863 : Battle of Campbell Station, Tennessee Confederates under General James Longstreet fail to defeat a Union force under General Ambrose Burnside near Knoxville, Tennessee. source:
1970 Ky defends South Vietnamese operations in Cambodia South Vietnamese Vice President Nguyen Cao Ky, speaking at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, says Cambodia would be overrun by communist forces "within 24 hours" if South Vietnamese troops currently operating there are withdrawn. source: