The New PIC-QUIZ! Firearm and Vehicle Identifications!

Still wrong.....


From now on-
Each correct ID will be awarded with 10 MBs. After 10 PQs, the score will be balanced. The leader after 10 PQs will be awarded with 50 Mbs.
In order to count as a correct ID, you must post:

A)The weapons designation(as in "M-16", "F-15", "AK47" and so on...)
B)The weapons classification(Fighter, MBT, HMG and so on)
C)The weapons weapons origin country(you dont really need clearefication, do you?!)

Oh, each PQ will be posted for 3 days max. Then it will be classified as a UO(unidentified object)


Well, I think ill give this to Animal Mother, for two reasons:

A) He posted first and posted the entire data i wanted(Designation, Classification, Origin).
B) The T1 as I know is only used by the RAF, and the plane in the Pic is not in RAF colors(I think). So it has to be an export veriant, which means(by the date of this pic, obviously not a new pic), its probably the Mk50 or Mk60. But really they all look very similar.