The Neverending Story

Let´s see:

The last sentence reads something like:

Before the pogo champion arrived, Inspecter Clauseau prepared for another rally on Mexican Fiesta night, .....hehehehehhehehe in preparation he/she...
That is *not* a sentence for ppl my age that are not on LSD... !?

If that were an IQ test instead of an attempt to write a story in team work, the only logical reply would be something along: "me/you/all..." and as you can see this won´t really make a story, methinks.

Am I too old and stubborn, or maybe one of you gals want to double check their posts?

Just asking....

in preparation he/she..............(LOL idk which)

... I know it´s a bummer, but in fact life is all about decisions, babe... ! :)

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where he danced

It's not necessarily supposed to make sense, it's completely random. Something for entertainment and the likes, not to be correct and proper Rattler :p