The Italian left: Nothing like the US left.

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Italy has had three more solders KIA the other day.
Three Italians and a Romanian were killed by an IED in Nassiryah, Iraq.
The Italian left has always looked at the military as a warmongering force of fanatics.
Italian soldiers in Iraq have voted more than 85 % for the right.
Now look at this picture. It was taken at the funeral ceremony of the three soldiers. Some leaders of the left (former or current communist) attended the service in Rome. Pecoraro Scanio, who used to be Farming Policies Secretary (member of government!), and Vasco Errani, current head of a very important Italian region. They're both from the left and have been calling for withdrawal everyday since 2003.
Now look at how they're laughing and joking and playing while the rest of the people sit silent and sad before the coffins to pay respect to the heroes who left newborn orphans and young widows only to bring about peace and democracy to another nation.
I wish we had the US Dems instead of these shameful little men.


Click here for a larger image. Although you have surely heard that the big media dictator Berlusconi owns all of our media, nobody has shown this image in Italy yet. And no, it's not a fake. P.S. The guy with less hair and the serious expression sitting in the row before them, on the contrary, is a former secretary of the right (Antonio Marzano). And oooooh he is not laughing.
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They really do not seem to grasp the effect this photo will have for the guys out in the field, do they? Bloody hell, I bet that they think "will they be like that too when it's my turn?"
By the way, what do you think the new political route will be with the new government?
That's really terrible. I disagree with much of the Bush administration's policy, but I support the troops all the way. This is just shameful.
jequirity said:
Can u give a reference with that photo please?

Sure, a couple of papers are talking about this today: This one and this one (also here), for instance.
The two leaders of the left have replied bitterly and angrily saying that the photographer has maliciously (?!) caught them in one expression and one single moment to "minimize our pain" during the funerals.
Go to hell.
Disgusting and pathetic.

RIP, soldiers. The US military honors and respects your sacrifice.
Thank you PJ.

bulldogg said:
IG is this the :cen: from your neck of the woods?
No, Bulldog, the idiot with his tongue out is from Naples (he is bisexual btw). He is the former secretary. The one with glasses is from the north.
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Cheers IG for the refs, the guys are a bunch of wankers. It might not be indicitive of all lefties but these guys are just pompus eejits
Agreed. And anyways these jerks are representative of a large section of Italian left. I know it is different abroad.

When you say 'left' how far is left. Communists are far left are these guys far left, center left, etc?
Italian Left (49 % of Italian total votes) internal subdivision from more-to-the-center to left-left:

UDR (1% of Italian total votes)
Margherita (10,7% of Italian total votes)- closest to the Church and the Vatican.
This is the "center of the left".

RnP (2.5 % of Italian total votes) - they propose gay marriage but are incredibly pro-USA and Israel and for more free-market. They are vocal in an anti-Church way.
DS (largest branch of former Italian Communist Party, it has 17,5 % of Italian total votes, the heart of the left coalition, the real "engine". The guy who laughs in the picture, the one with glasses, is the president of a 4 million pop. region and belongs to this party)
This is the core of the coalition.

Italia dei Valori (3% of Italian votes).
The Greens (they are extremely leftist, anti-American. The guy with his tongue out in the picture his the leader of the Greens)
The Party of Italian Communists (name says all: Their leader has said Bush and Berlusconi have "blood on their hands", he would "run in support of Fidel Castro if a revolution threatened him" and he flew to Beirut to meet the representatives of Hamas at Lebanese Parliament)- As a confirmation for my observations on the Greens being extremists just notice that in these last elections the Greens and the Italian Communists went to ballots with one unified party - together they got 4.1 % of total Italian votes.
Communist Refoundation Party 7.5 % of total Italian votes. This party, hardcore communist, is large and important. Its leader is the speaker of the House.
And some other minor parties.
This is the left of the left (accounting for at least 33% of the whole coalition). Anti-Church, anti-Western attitude.

Istance: Blair and Kerry would be considered VERY conservative and too much pro free-market for most of our left.
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Last time I checked, Ted Kennedy, Barbara Boxer, Dina Feinstein, John Kerry, & Hillary Clinton don't give a rat's arse about the troops.

Liberal Left Wing Communists is what they all are.
5.56X45mm said:
Last time I checked, Ted Kennedy, Barbara Boxer, Dina Feinstein, John Kerry, & Hillary Clinton don't give a rat's arse about the troops.

Liberal Left Wing Communists is what they all are.

You do know that both Kennedy (Army) and Kerry (Navy) both actually served in the US Armed forces. Kerry is a Vietnam combat vet. With that in mind, 'doesnt gives a rats ass about the troops' rings rather hollow...
im sure that they meant well </sarcasm>

no matter if they are on the right or the left, i hope they lose any election or the like, that they are involved in. people like this dont deserve any good to come to them.

(yes, im back....again. this are awkward times for me so ill be in and out of the forums for awhile)