The Cadet Image

I've been told, by 3 people, all in a group, who supposedly "support the military", that I look like a girl in uniform. That's the facts of life: some people will always hate you for just being naturally better than them (which anybody in ROTC is).

Pickle. That's one I haven't heard.
So what you are saying is a veteran isn't as good as someone in ROTC even if it was a 5 star Ware Hero General.
There are some people that call themselves futureXXX, which I consider I don't like, and I know a lot of ex XXX than wouldn't either, but a person who is just interested in the military are nothing more then a military enthusiast.
meh, I am into it totally but then you have these fake guys that want to join up and work out and act tough all the time, and their gonna hate the military.
no one makes fun of us, mainly because Major is about 6'5" and ripped, and he looks like he could kill. Also, the gunny sgt we had would talk in the Auditorium on Veterans day and talk about his war experiences. One time he told us about the first person he killed in Vietnam, which was a 15 year old sniper and he also said that it had felt good killing him because he had saved some of his men. Well, some of those kids who don't care about the military were talking during this, so the gunny said "you know, sometimes i think it would feel good to kill another one, especially those disrespectful SOB's who talk while im giving a speech!!!"
Let's just say those kids shut up real fast.
But, we get those a holes who salute us when we're marching in formation while in uniform and start laughing because they think it's funny as hell.
well i used to live in england as cadets is thought of as jus a general hobby but here in scotland u get made to feel stupid and people take the micky out of u if u even mention cadets!
i went to skool on rememberance day in ma combats and full blues to show that i support it and to remember those who have died. i also laid the school wrealth in my uniform. i got names like geek freek and nut case but all the staff and people who know me i look smart and have done the cadets proud which brightens up my day! :D
iif ur in the MCJROTC nobody makes fun of u cause them uniforms are really cool but the kids in my skewl they try to act stupid by saluting us all retarted
No one in my school says anything, and I'm in the middle of New York City, home of the retards. If anything, we get respected more than others. I dont get why all of you seem to have problems. :shock:
My high school is a lot better than my middle school days. The only part that sucks is our school is in the same building as a middle school. :shock: The only difference, these middle school kids josh me more, a lot more. But they're smart enough to physically leave the quiet guy alone. Only one kid tried to take me on. I laughed my a** off. He wasn't much over four feet and maybe 90 or so pounds. I thanked him for curing my acid reflux disease. ;) I told him to come back in a few years when he is taller and his weight has doubled.
Yea we had our recruiting on the 11 of february and no one, except for a few people i know joked around. Way big of a difference compared to Junior High
I have noticed lately that people have stoped poking fun at me, or talking behind my back with the usual I hate the military type stuff...don't they know I can hear them?!....anyways, I think it's 1) age- I now look like I could be in the military (maybe b/c I could be lol) 2) as you get higher in the program you get "the look" know, like those NCOs and officers that strike fear into everyone they look at with out trying. And 3) I hang out with Army Coronels and Marine Captains :rambo: It also helps that in the area I live theres more people that are suportive of the military now then there used to be.

Oh and you have to like the little kids who come up to you asking if you are in the army, or which plane you fly... one of them even asked for my autograpah *so cute!*

Ok, my girly side is coming out today, I think it's b/c I haven't been to a sq meeting in 2 weeks....
One thing I've found is that a lot of people in my school have been seriously impressed by a lot of the cadets since they've been in the program. On uniform days, you can just see the change in a lot of people. They stand straighter and walk with pride. Not once have a heard anybody making fun of a cadet because of the uniform or because they're in Army JROTC.

Besides, getting military discounts from idiot store clerks is fun. ;)
I think people stop because of age. My older classmates call me "Army" all the time, but when I showed up in Uniform for recruiting NONE of them said a word
My MC corps of cadets are often called ROTC (pronounced rot-zee) Nazi's.
Our Drill team is now even being known as the young hitler march group. I hate it but we are not allowed to do much about it. It doesnt bother me much any more, I just figure that they are too chicken to actually try ROTC them selves.
We get called rotc nazi's too, except on uniform days when we all walk around the schoo ltogether everyone gives this look of awe and surprised that we're actually in it and are good at it. We had a drill meet a few weeks ago and when we went back to school the next day a lot of the students and teachers said how proud they were of us for cleaning up at competion. But we do have a few guys around that salute us all stupid and tell us to go "play war"