The Cadet Image

Great. You're welcome to stand easy in addition to your standing's getting chilly in here. :lol:

You do know that Alliehz is female, don't you Sergeant Major?
yes commander (its Chief Master Sergeant,i havent got enough bucks to change my name) i figured that when she said she was a female recruiter.
c/Commander said:'s generally considered bad when a drill team is busy gaping at the females instead of trying to catch their rifles...
Thats why it's sometimes good to have ugly girls on Drill Team :lol:
It's worked for my unit! We don't get distracted at ALL!
lol...some of the less attractive females are better than the attractive ones. Thats also a plus of putting the ugly ones on the team
well, getting back to the subject of the cadet image, in our area, the image has been brought up becuase we have 2 cadets, who ended up turning in a couple of kids to the cops. these kids who got turned in were attempting to deal meth and some weed around the school. Just the fact that the kids who turned in the drug kids were CAP, lessened the teasing quite a bit
Buddy same in america ive been called a geek then i showed them what ive done they dont really make fun of me anymore.

I've been told that I'm a geek because I'm in cadets. Isn't it sad that you're now considered a geek for showing interest in the military? What have people said to you about being in cadets?

Ive been called a geek its sad when you friends do it, but know what i got over it and told them some cool things that ive done such as, search and rescuse and, tactical training.... they want to join now....


Heck. Half my school is filled with Cadets. I end up calling everyone by their last names - and they call me by my rank. Nobody except the real losers (who don't know what they are missing) Call us idiots.
But our community is mostly a military one, So - we get along fine. But hey - Being a Cadet isn't stupid. Its a great experience, One that will follow you and your career in the future.
You have started on a path that most would not consider. That someone would give themselves over to service to their country is not within their realm of materialist existence. The whole concept is something most cannot understand and they fear what they do not understand.

In a very real way you are a threat to their way of life and an example of how trivial they are. Even if they don’t know it, they fear what you represent and, on some level, are ashamed they do not trod the path with you.
I had the opportunity to join Cadets when I first moved to Canada.

At the time, I was new to the country and shy and stuff and so, I decided not to join.

I now am looking into pursuing a military career, and regret not taking the opportunity, I feel as thought it would have better prepared me for the path which I may take.

Ah well, no regrets... Utmost respect for the cadets.
I wouldn't say i get picked at for being a cadet the uniforms people will say something every once in a while but its usually questions and i don't mind but i think at my school we get more respect as a group by everyone mainly because we hold our selfs and other cadets to a higher standards which is great.