Sweden and the Swedes

A Swedish comedian runs out of alcohol and almost gets shot in Miami.


What are you doing in Miami, 13? and how could you let yourself run out of booze? :angel:
And who can forget the cuisine...


Not bad Monty! I believe the Polar Bear and Caribou rides are also provided in Canada and Alaska as well, since that's were most of them actually live. Been their seen that quite awe inspiring however one doesn't want to get to close to the bears.
Swedish girls are gorgeous. Did I mention that?


I was under the impression most Nordic - Germanic ladies tended to be very attractive. My wife still has toe head hair and she's still just a bit younger than me. I'm lucky she is almost 6' with the hourglass figure. I no longer sport my athletic look, oh well she can cook too.
Attractive women are found everywhere and in all countries.
Germanic women are often tall and slender and in both Scandinavia and Northern Germany you´ll find many blonde women.
A Swedish smorgas board; we are drinking this every Christmas, Easter, midsummer, and when we want.

Is it the same as this?

Peppermint Schnapps?

Yes, something similar. The Snaps we are drinking in Scandinavia are mostly spiced with different kinds of herbs such as anise, fennel, St John's wort, dill, and others. Fruits and berries can be used as a "spice" too.
No, Peppermint Schnapps is what we would call a liqueur.
Snaps or aquavit, which is also known as is more like vodka.