What a game (I really suffered the first 10 minutes), well done, Barca!!!

I am happy I dont have to repeat my entry from last year: :)

Barca Campeones!
I just came back from blighty and was in the bloody Eurostar throughout the game, I am so pissed.
It was a reasonably entertaining final. Big win for Barcelona but Man Utd didn't really prove to be worthy adversaries on the night.
Wolfsburg won the German League- if they remain their current expertise they will definitely rape some teams in the Champions League coming season! If you didn't watch Wolfsburg vs. Bayern Munic please do it- what a game!
Now found a "legal" one (in English even):

5:1 Grafite, vs. 5 oponents

Reminds me of Messi´s greatest one (which reminds me of Maradonas great one) vs 6 players, history live, even the fans of the other team (Getafe) realized: White handkerchiefs all over the stadium! The highest ovation a soccer player can receive:

Historic Messi Goal (Gooolaaazooo !!!) 2008

And, of cause, the god of soccer, vs England (also vs 6 opponents):

Historic Maradona Goal ´86 (Golazooo!!)

Pardon, mods, but this I cannot express in English: Golazos para llorar de verdad, me salen las lagrimas con cada uno, escalofriantes!

Each of them is one of the goals real soccer fans will never forget!


P.S.: And because it was so beautiful (and I am still crying just revisiting it), here in close shots for those who are not accustomed to see the feet in a large and wide angle take and hence might not be able to see why this goal is historic:

Messi Gooooolaaaazooooo in detail and slomo

R. (call me a "Culé" any time, no offense taken :) )

PPS: And he done it again (just look how he twists in the air to get this too short pass from Xavi), I think we have all right to say that he (and Barca) are the new gods of soccer, 25 yrs later....:

Messi´s most important goal (up to now, stay tuned!)

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German Cup Final: werder Bremen vs. Leverkusen, Bremen won 1:0 in regular time.

I had hoped for another half hour of soccer to view with the way Leverkusen passed the last 30 minutes (they played soccer, finally, the first half of the match was hurting), but even if it smelled like any second the goal would score, they had bad luck. OTOH, the goal from Bremen was sung 10 secs before it entered, a great strategic move and excellent execution: Özil showed that he has future.

well I had hoped for a penalty shotout because both teams played good soccer. The shot from Özil was redirected from the defender- bad luck for them otherwise Adler would have kept his goal clear...
Helmes didn't score one big chance- he would have scored in this situation 9 out of 10 times! To my mind Leverkusen has amazing good young players and mostly Germans- which is today rare to see with a top team. But Werder did deserve it, they played great soccer these last months also because of Diego, Pizarro and Özil- so without a UEFA- title and a place amongst the top 5 in the Bundesliga that was well deserved... So now they will be able to play international- I just hope they won't meet Hamburg again :/.

Update from Hamburg- Jol and Olic are gone and there's much discussion about Trochowski and others... I wonder what will happen now- they definitely made some good money- just hope they spend it well...
Another world class player- best and most constant midfielder to my mind:


Didn't find a good video about him but Philipp Lahm is the best left back player in the world...

And we have Klose... hey I'm realizing that Germany has some good players ^^- okay nothing compared to England and Spain...

And check this out- Lukas Podolski even has his own song ;)- who can translate it? ^^
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Indeed. German Soccer is not dead yet... (though agonizing) :)


P.S.: I do not understand how Klose #7 only could make it to #7, for me one of the best I have seen ever and much better than #1 e.g. (cool, taking his time, perfect control and overview, changing feet, etc. ... A classic!). Just FDR, I see Ballack totally overrated compared to others, as well demonstrated vs. Xabi and Iniesta both in club and national team. Maybe he should play a "9" or a "7"...? R.
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Well look at Wolfsburg in the second round or Hoffenheim in the first round of the German league... there you have some nice offensive playing- Like Grafite's goal against Bayern Munich.