He-he! First try explaining the off-side rule to our official linesmen!:wink:

Hi Rob - I noted that you are a player; what position?
I play mid and defender. Mainly mid cause I have a really long legs.

Same here, though I'm not as good as I'd like to be but i enjoy playing soccer- and I guess that's what it's all about. At the moment I'm only playing 1-2 times a week and not in a club. Had to end my 'career' with the TSV Wacker 50 (Soccer Club in a small town in Bavaria) because I had some bone problems until the age of 17. For me that 'illness'- if you may call it like that- was the worst punishment in my life- imagine a 14 year old who was playing soccer almost every day who now isn't allowed to do sports in any way. Damn that was hard- for my parents as well. But now I'm back and Infantry ready ^^.
And for the off-side rule, yes it is the most complicated rule - and If it's about 30 cm I think this rule is idiotic- It's only about preventing the ball from being kicked into the other half to be received by a player who hid himself near the goal to go 1 on1 against the Goal Keeper- that's what happens if you ignore that rule (we do that some times playing indoor soccer, but there is not that much room anyway). But then without a strict rule you wouldn't see so many great through balls...

Next topic: Hamburg Sports Club- they now have the chance to get the German Cup, the uEFA Cup and the Bundesliga Title, that would be more than gigantic and I sure would be drunk before they even arrived at the town hall in Hamburg :).
Next Game against Manchester will be interesting and by then Petric and Trochowski will be back ... be afraid Tommys be very afraid ;). (this time the expression fits- no hard feelings though- our two nations both love soccer)
If Martin Jol is still coach of Hamburg when that hapens I'll get drunk too. Great Guy - we loved him at Tottenham!
I watched some German football on Setanta recently and I was very impressed; fast, direct and powerful; reminded me of good old English game at its best. ( Please take that as a compliment, I go back a long way!)
Thanks! Much has changed in German Football, much more aggressive and offensive! Try watching a TSG Hoffenheim game some time, they made it from 3rd League to 1st- and are now playing first year in the Bundesliga- their hometown has a couple of hundred inhabitants- actually the whole town fits into the stadium three times or more ;).
They played impressive soccer the first round- and still do!
Bundesliga is paused because of the national game against Liechtenstein and Wales until then I'm dreaming...

Bundesliga Hymne

Champions League Hymne
Hope you all saw the game Hamburg vs. Manchester City- great soccer we've played! Next up: Werder Bremen!
I missed it because they it was on at like 3AM over here.
If I'm lucky maybe I'll get to see a replay of the match.
Watched a re-run of Liverpool vs Chelsea. What a comeback from Chelsea. Hiddink is the man.
When I play, I usually play out wide. It's where short people belong.
Right. Traditionally, short, fast and great ball players, the job being to get the line and cross the ball. If they are tight to the line, no-one can be off-side. Mind you, they also make great attacking mid-fielders; or as we had it in days gone by, Inside Right and Inside Left.

Yes, I saw the Hamburg game. Martin Jol is a giant.

In the Champions League, we have 3 of the 4 semi-finalists, and Liverpool were put out by Chelsea!

Chelsea v Barcelona
Man U v Arsenal

So we have at least one team in the final, but Barcelona are favourites at the moment.
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Thats why I have cox cable :)
that and teh fact that i live a little too close to Oceana Naval Air sataion to use sat tv

Guess we posted after a match, weren´t fully sober then? :)

Just asking, no offense meant at all... :peace:


P.S.: For a week now going on clouds after the 4:0 vs Bayern (as a *true* SGE fan of cause I suffered the reverse score vs. my club, and we were Bayern Killers once....)

P.S,2: Seriously, Engish soccer atm is the best, consecutively getting three teams in CL finals (and well deserved), I fear the worst for Barca (but if we pass Chelsea, it will be CL win!!!)

Objection here Boss! Very Good goalkeeper - not so good on attitude. There have been a lot of really great goalkeepers. My vote would go to Pat Jennings, Ireland's fantastico. Frank Swift, who died in the Manchester U. plane disaster was special, and Gordon Banks' career was ruined by losing one eye in a car crash. Ted Ditchburn and Sam Bartram would also figure today in today's world of protected goalkeepers, as would the one and only Bert Trautman; I would have loved to have seen:hide: your man face Nat Lofthouse of Bolton.
Attitude? I think you don't really know Kahn- especially when it comes to attitude fairness and other stuff he's the best... a role model for many Germans. Maybe there were some situations it seemed the other way round but Kahn lived for soccer and emotions were always high. In Reality he's a great character.
Object also: While he really probably was the best for some time, he is not anymore (his problems when going for the ball with the foot having always been his Achilles heel:

There are many who share the same fate, but the best during the last 5 yrs from my POV (and that as a FCB fan) is w/o doubt Iker Casillas from Madrid, especially in 1-vs-1 situations:

Fearless as Kahn, safe on the line, drops faster than anyone, dominating the small area with criterion like nobody else (not even Buffon), and on top of it you do not have to cringe everytime he employs his feet...

See some of what this amazing guys does daily (I think he alone has kept Madrid from losing x matches in the last years), after the bio the interesting stuff starts at sec 0:30, Hala San Iker!: