Simple Question, Iraq...

Are coalition efforts working?

  • Yes, I think so.

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  • No, I do not think so.

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  • Insurgent and Coalition forces, have locked heads.

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Well, these people will have to be reduced from a threat, to a nuisance.
And so on , and so on. We cant underestimate them. Nor over estimate our own abilities.

Maybe we will be successful.
Its not that easy. This isnt a conflict of combat abilities. That was won years ago. They simply cannot accept our way of life. Until they can get over Shia or Sunni and start embracing a national pride they are doomed.
I do like the title of this thread though. "Simple Question" my arse. Writing it may have been simple but there are a myriad of possible answers you could expect and all of them could be correct, we won't know for years, probably decades.

As I said back in January, February and March of 2003, if we invade Iraq we will have troops in that country for at least ten years.
Looks like we still have lessons to learn from this, and past conflicts, like Afghanistan, Somalia, and Vietnam.
Soviet Afghan war, we helped the rebels there, and watched a new ideology be born, not the 2001 war.
So why not learn lessons from the current conflict?
I agree that you should learn as much as possible from past conflicts, but when you have an active conflict in that area you could just learn from that?