Silver Phoenix's Trivia


Sorry about 122, it dident make much sence to me either, but the sources said it....I know ceaser was dead by then.....
The before answer is much closer then this. Keep on trying.. ;)

Maybe I should add the winning price to 20 instead of 15 MilBucks.. :D

See, I am nice today. ;)
Still not right.. But it's burning here.. :p

And yeah, I will change my source of information later..
I think FutureRanger and i are both correct because the identification for AIDS/HIV began in 1982 and ended 1983. So, Futureranger wins the prize if im right.
I've seen notes on the first HIV confirmation being in the congo, circa 1959. But that could very well be a retrospect of what was learned in the early 80's. Wasn't this virus first called STAHRS in the 70's as well? AIDS in fact was presented as a name for an advanced form of HIV in the early 80's. So are we talking about AIDS or the actual HIV devices?
1983 was my information I had.. So yeah.. The prize is on it's way. :D

I will think up a new question today.. :p
She's back! :D :cheers:

So, what's a girl like you doing in a place like this..?
(or was it what was a girl like you doing away from a place like this.. ;) )
I was testing how long I could be away from this place.. And see, it didn't take long and I failed.. ;)

Well, I am back.. The fact is I have been VERY busy..

But anyways.. I have been working with a few things other from that I have been fine...

How long does a bottle-nose dolphin get?

(I know bad one, But this is a temporary question until I get a better information site)
Length is from 6-12 feet

So I can't say you are wrong..

I will find a better information site today..