Silver Phoenix's Trivia

They're actually not sure when exactly the dog died, and whether it was from lack of oxygen, poisoned food, or heat. Although sources differ on the immediate cause of death, it is ultimately because the Russians were unable to recover the animal safely.
Hmm, Maybe I should redo the question to something more "decided" then.. :?

Though, My information comes from CNN.. :?

Well, Well, I will change it the question to something else then..

Inforation I had about Laika was: Laika overheated, panicked and died within hours of launch in the second spacecraft to circle the planet, contrary to Soviet reports that the dog had lived for up to a week, said Dimitri Malashenkov of the Institute for Biomedical Problems in Moscow.

To get this a little more fun I thought about taking riddles into it..

We will start with a easy one..


If you were to put a coin into an empty bottle and then insert a cork into the neck, how could you remove the coin without taking out the cork or breaking the bottle?
In 55 B.C. Julius Caesar invaded Britain. Due to civil war in Rome it wasn't until 43 A.D. that Roman emperor Cladius I conquered all the island but Scotland. According to my sources the Romans never did end up conquering Scotland. So if the first two dates weren't what you were looking for then the only other correct answer would be that they never conquered Britain since they couldn't defeat the Scotsmen.
And there Sherman goes with his fast and furious way. Good job Sherman!

Now I will have to think of a new question. ;)
After Christ..

But the fun thing is that the information I got was 122 AC..

But when I check up on other things that couldn't have been possible, but still some informations tells me that it was 122 AC. :?

So I cannot do anything then follow the information I got.

Anyways, I cannot do more about the information and the question I gave you all. But now it comes a tricky new question to all of you..


When did the HIV virus get identified?
AUC = ab urbe condita "from the founding of the city(Rome)" 1 AUC is 753 BC

AD = Anno Domini "the year of our lord" The current year is 2004 AD

BC = Before Christ as in Caesar invaded in 55 BC

CE = same thing as AD museums prefer CE over AD for the sake of getting religion out of our dating system

BCE = same thing as BC and once again the museums use this instead of BC for the same reason

Now is the rest of the world using some time designation the Americans are not aware of or what?