"Shit happens"


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A unit had just left for a 2 month patrol and one of the guys needed to make a boskak (crap in the bush). And he didn't look where his pants were and filled them. When he was finished he pulled his pants up and covered himself. He had to walk right in the front of the patrol away from everyone else until they got home.
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Good story.
I have seen several similar situations in the Norwegian army too.
Taking a dump in -30C is not the easiest thing to do, you don't want to take of more clothes than is really necessary, so situations may happen... :D
I dug a cathole in the desert once,at night, in a nice flat spot, and proceded to fill that mother up (MRE backup, you know). So as I'm "sitting" there in the twister position, I hear a rumble and see a red light. Rumble grows louder, red light gets nearer. This resolves into 3 or 4 5tons full of guys from my troop, being led by a buddy of mine, who helpfully illuminates me with his flashlight as the entire group detours around me, BECAUSE I'M SHITTING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD.
Well, I had been turned away from several spots already, and yes, the MRE's had reached critical mass in my lower tract, so you could say I had the proper motivation! Besides, this was our second NTC rotation in 2 months (some other unit cancelled, and since the slot was open and our gear was still there....grrrr.), so I'd had a little practice digging :?
what army were/are you in?

about a month ago i went to a nature reserve for a weekend. I hiked about 8km across the beach to a neibouring air force base and came back in complete darkness. I hadn't had a shit since i got there and the time had come. i had to dig a hole in the soft beach sand and try not to fall in.
Went up north ATVin' once and both my friend and I had to take a shit once we got about three hours out. So we stopped and went our separate ways into the woods. Now... ever notice hoe when you take a dump, most the time you piss as well? Well.... I forgot about that and soaked my pants. I mean completely soaked my pants. I came back seriously embarrassed, only to find that his pants were a shade darker as well... We looked at each other and laughed. Then I realized he was wearing my pop's pants... :shock:
..........................ROFLMAO! I bet you watch where your pants are before you take a dump from now on lol! OMG OMG OMG OMG! I cant stop laughing Jamoni! I can just imagine that lol.5ton trucks moving around a guy taking a dump in the middle of the road with evryone watchin and having a flashlight pointed at you. Embarrasing. :oops:
One time my grandfather was fishing on the beach and he needed to crap. They were alone in the middle of nowwhere so he went to the top of a sand dune so he could keep an eye on his rod. And while he was squating watching his rod he never noticed people coming along the road behind him. And there he was on the top of the hill throwing them a brown eye.
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