Shakira, Who Is Not a US Citizen, Is Fighting the Arizona Immigration Law

Something I observed...
overseas there's a lot of Americans who will be very very frank about what they see out there. Other folks do get offended a bit by them but they claim that it's just "American culture" so the locals just tend to try to understand.
I usually say things the way I see it so when the topic is America, it's not always good news. People in America get offended more or less the same way most other people in other people get offended when someone says something bad about their country.
So basically I'm calling BS on the whole "it's our culture thing."
Be considerate.
I actually suspect it is number 2 that concerns people because when you combine it with your previous comment "or you are here illegally and should run and hide".
If you run the two together anyone you suspect is in the country illegally has committed a crime and what racial group are the "predominant" stereotype for illegal immigration?

Personally I don't think that this law will be abused in Arizona simply because the population demographic make it almost impossible to enforce in anything but isolated cases.

Actually I mis-spoke. The police have to either witness a crime being comitted or a citizen has to make a sworn statement that they witness a crime. Acting suspicious is not enough.

Your point is well taken. The actual implementation has yet to be seen. I suspect that with the outcry it has generated, it will not be long before the law is either changed or removed.