Service Specific Jokes for New Recruits

thought of some more practical jokes to play on new grunts when they get in my Aircraft.

we need to pushstart the aircraft, get all the grunts out to start pushing it. make the grunts believe that the hand pump in the rear of the AC keeps the AC in the air and have the pilot drop power until i start pumping it up.
Just remember us Grunts have ways of getting back at Smart Butt young Helo Crewmen.

Remember that when your walking up and down the Center Line and puttin your boots all over my pack and my boys packs.

There ya go walkin, walkin, walkin crushin our pogey bait, puttin big boot prints on our packs when.............Snap ya can't walk any more cause theres about ten pair of grunt boots on your comm cord. :lol:


The helo hits the LZ the grunts started deplaning and zing...............there goes yer comm cause we made a half wrap around our ankle :lol:
Gunner13, I'm still waiting for my Cannon Report. :lol:

Redneck, it isn't just the junior EMs pulling these. I was sent on my quest for a Cannon Report when I was a very young PFC by my battery's XO who was a mustang and had been a Staff Sergeant before going to OCS. He was a 1st Lieutenant at the time so he had to have at least 12 - 16 years in. ;)
My brother was in the Army as a Combat Engineer building some makeshift barracks or some such:

Go get me a board stretcher, I cut this board a bit short.

This board has too many knots in it for structural integrity, go get me the knot puller.

Some that people tried to pull on me:

Ask the gunny where the codes to the PRC E7 are.

MGySgt wants the codes to the PRC9 here they are. Make sure to tell him that these are the codes to the PRC9 and ask if he wants an ID10T form for a receipt.

Find me that BA-1100-N with the string attachement.

Batteries for Chem lights.

Order me some grid squares

etc etc...all oldies and goodies.
Im in a U.A.V Regiment and these are a few of our favourites:

* A Tyre Pressure Gague for a 432..... ( A Tracked Vehicle)

* A UAV Pilot

* A Long Weight

* Camoflague Paint

* A Bubble for a Spirit Level

* A Glass Hammer

* A Left handed Screwdriver

* Tell them they need to call a certain member of our battery, then give them the extension number for the CO

* Give them a hammer and a memo and to take it to the Battery Sergant Major..... The note reads:-

Give me a month off or i will beat you to death ..:angel:
damn 03, who do you know in the 11th MEU b/c during that last deployment, all these grunts did was put there packs on my cord, or step on my cord as im tryign to save there lives by stopping a hydraulic leak. but i also try and take care of you guys knowing that im pulling you out of the field after like 3 weeks, i passed out pretzels a couple times then i had to clean all the crap you guys dropped :). and im sorry to that Marine that got screwed over after i found the little thing that goes on the SAW's barrel area. so i ran it out to him with his whole squad watching and heard the chew out as i ran back to my helo :). good times.
As you all know , I have no military experiance , impossible.

But here is one,

During one of the phases at U.S. Army Ranger Training, you will end up in the mountains of North Georgia I belive.

And , every Ranger today , must go through many experiances with Army Aviators,

So, naturally , one cold day in 2000, one Ranger School trainee, thinking it would be funny, and coaxed on by his fellwo trainees.

He boards the chopper, and passes the pilot a note, scribbled on it, is YOU FLY LIKE A GIRL.

The pilot responded by giving them the ride of their lives, and dint stop until almost every trainee was vomiting or screaming.

* I hope none of you service men/women have had any bad flying experiances.
i am the flyboy :), i can handle the yankin and bankin, but 03 might have some problems with it. but i can hand my pilots a note that is "from" the grunts. =D
ch-46E, you might have seen them in museums as well :). that disturbes me so much that there are 2 museums near me that have the aircraft i fly into war with.
Wow, you have my interest, but, PM me more , I dont want to skirt someone else's thread to much.
I must say I had a good chuckle watching the movie "Flag of our Fathers" when a soldier encourages a new soldier upon his arrival to go to the sergeant and ask him for the necessary "Master" "Bation" form.