Say hello to Private Farrell!!!

ROFL! What does MEPS stand for? Sorry, need to brush up on the military Jargon lol. :) Sunset, man, youve been to hell and back lol j/k. :lol:
No idea what MEPS stands for... i was told 235098 times, but could only remember MEPS. Military Entry Physical... something. I don't know. Anyway, i really havn't been through hell and back... i've still got do it again when i shit out for basic, then i've got go to basic. Then AIT once i graduate from HS. Only then can i say i've been through hell and back.
Navy Docs

I always wondered why it was Navy Docs that inspected the Marine Corps.

But when you reminded me off the "nuts exam" I remembered it was just up the Navy's alley.

I'm reviving this thread from the grave because I just had to share, I got my first nuts exam today!!! :cheers: ( :( :evil: :2guns: ). And since its for the Sea Cadets I guess it counts as a military nuts exam too, right? He got an old guy, I got a young nurse. Ah hoo hoo hoo, Ah hee hee hee hee :lol: :p
Man, I have been through Meps med three times. As a there are no nuts checks but the is an embarrassing breast exam if you have never had it done before. Wow, it's not so cool having the same old guy check your boobs three times. Makes you wonder what he's thinking.Eewwww.
TheSunsetSniper said:
A hernia or somthin'

I don't think it would take the inspection of a doctor to find out if my friend Testicles was visited by his arch enemy Hernies because Hernies can cause a lot of PAIN for Testicles!

...That's Tes-tic-leez and Her-neez for the non Greeks.