Say hello to Private Farrell!!!


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After a long analysis at MEPS, I’ve decided I could spend my Fridays doing many better things that bending over with my drawers down for some old guy to look at my buttocks. :shock: .I'm glad to be in the Army NG, but man... are all of those tests really nessicary? Couldn't they simply ask me if there is anything wrong with my nuts? :?
Today, you have been fondled by an old guy with rubber gloves. Now, you are a WARRIOR! LOL.
In Jamoni-land, enlistment will be decided by a triathalon involving 8 man cage matches, wild boar hunting, and Baja 500 racing. Our army will be strong, and no one will have to be groped to get in. 8)
PS congrats on enlisting, and I'm glad your nuts are OK.
Has anyone ever asked these guys if they are actual DOD employees? Maybe they just wandered in for a little "action". :lol:
Jamoni said:
Has anyone ever asked these guys if they are actual DOD employees? Maybe they just wandered in for a little "action". :lol:

:lol: :lol:
You're scaring me there Jamoni. I might not show up for my next physical.
Well, if you must know...what are they looking for?

1. hernias.

2. Hemmoroids.

3. Slightly used spincters.....

4. Really used spincters.....

5. They check to see if they need to remove your fathers or judges footware before you enter the service

6. Evil prostrates

7. And for the doctors...its a test of endurance. (i aint doing it. yes you are. no i am not. yes you are. look my dad didnt pay for 7 years of medical school just so i could....)
you are not a lone

if it is any consolation the females too have some uh, humbling inspections and we get an old guy too. mine was indian and i could not understand a word he was saying which made out for any even more embaressing situation. :oops:
well to tell you the truth...

the day i was examined, there were 21 other young men in there..from 17 to 20...with me being the oldest at 25.

Now having to bend over was bad enough...but to have 21 young guys all laughing with you when you are over heard to say to the doctor "you had better warm that finger up before you use it doc" really was a little...embarassing. :oops:

to tell you the truth, the doc was laughing so hard, he almost had a stroke... :D
Wow... i was lucky enough not to have anyone else at MEPS watching, although there was an entire wall of windows with everyone in all the 16 nearby skyscrapers looking at my rear as well.
"Thats why you paint a face on your rear "
Pin a couple of oak leaves to your thighs, and you've got yourself a staff officer.