RUSSIA versus EUROPE: who'll win?

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FlyingFrog said:

f**k CHINA IS dying those money whats u are telling about are just disappearing, one flood and almost 200 people are dead and 1000 people will suffer because lack of food that they are getting from the field, SARS epedimi=lots of people dead, every diseas will kill thousand of chines.

I guess you could have said the same thing about europe during the Black plauge days...europe seems to be doing fine now.

You should wake up, rusia is not a big power anymore, no one takes you serious, that makes you angry? :lol:

excuse me..but wasnt it one of you that said dont misunderestimate your opponent?

watch your dirty mouth I don't think this forum likes to see those f**k words.

No we moderators dont like to see the dirty words either (hint, hint).

seems you hate Oriental people a lot, you shouldn't, because check this:

Scientists claim that almost half of the Russian population inherited Mongol genes

This is a little confusing. I got my fathers darn good looks from his irish genes, but it doesnt mean I have to go around kissing blarney stones and hunting leppercauns (or other things irish people like to do) because of my genetic heritage.

you guys really need to put a real woah (oklahoma talk for "slow down horsie") on the topic, and just let it rest for a couple of days...why not go fishing?

lol Mark :D

If you check his posts Nauchi spreak a lot of hate words against Oriental people, it is not smart at all in this new world.

Yes never underestimate the big bear it really can bite hard :D

Well, never mind, I guess everyone will be getting cooler soon.

Good advice, time go fishing but should fish also enjoy fish-right? I hate to see people fish a fish then put it back to water after hurting them a lot :evil:
Wow, this is getting tough, but I don't want you guys to think that I am not working on it, basically I am having a tough time figuring out how the British would become involved. While I have written stories kind of like this before they were short, only slightly longer than my first post, oh yeah, thank you to whomever said that I was better than Band of Brothers or Tom Clancy, but I can assure, I am not that good, I am just well motivated in this case.
We've been blamed for looking down on other races, and we created the most tolerant and inclusive open society of the world.

Turns out the other nations believe themselves to be someway higher than us, instead.
Good call Sherman!

Do I need to remind the rest of you Gents here about the forum rules?? ;)
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