Prince Harry

Well his Uncle Andrew went to war in the Falklands flying helicopters on sorts of missions, his grandmother was in services during WW2 and drove a truck, Phillip was in the Navy and was in thick of it. One of the Queens Uncles died while flying in the RAF. Do you think that they would stop him going knowing what they do. Now that is not bad record for any family, can yours say as much.
I think whether Harry actually goes to combat or not is irrelevant to a certain extent. He is undergoing the training. I think even though the royalty is nothing more than a figurehead anymore, it is important for UK citizens to see one of the royals getting down and dirty. No one forced him to do this. He is doing this for a reason.
If Andrew can go to war then Harry will also follow in his Uncles foot steps. The Queen when she was just a Princess went forward for the call up like every one else of age during WW2 and she admits it was best time of her life. If you look through the British Royals they have all done there bit over the years. Now William there might be a few more restrictions put on him but time will tell
Zander....We have a Royal Navy, and a Royal Air force and the Army is just the Army no royal title to it's name.
I may be wrong... but i doubt he will go in with 16 Air Assault as he is not going through any Para traing at all. but as a 2nd Lt he will most likely get a 2ic position for the first 6-8 months till he gets his second pip. As a Cavalry regiment he will be in an Armoured infantry role so he should see some action
I read somehwere that one of the household cavalry regiments was tasked to provide armour for 16 air assault, I might be wrong though.
I don't know why you guys think Harry is a softy????
When he worked in Australia he copted a hammering from the ringers on the cattle station he worked on.
Then got smashed playing rugby with the locals.
The little bugger copted it all pretty sweet and gave as good as he got.
From an Aussie point of view I think he is ok.
Time will tell if he is serious about his career and the implications of saif service.
And the media ( as he is aware)is always waiting to hammer him.
I also agree he will become a priority target O'seas.