Prince Harry


Can you hear me now?
I found it from Google.

His umm uniform

His Uniform

Parade marching

What medal did he got for?


He never will see combat or be deployed like a real soldier, it's like him playing weekend paintball warrior.

Sorry, if I offend some folks from England. BUT COME ON! Even you guys can see through the smoke and mirrors.
I don't know about that 5.56X45mm. Prince Andrew actually participated in actual fighting in the Falklands. He was a helicopter pilot serving as decoy for exocet missles.

If the day ever comes they may send Harry to war. But they will probably never send Prince William since he is hier to the throne.

But still being in a military academy isn't all that easy.


As for the medal, I did a search, and its a....

Golden Jubilee medal

It just to commemorate the Queen's 50th years a monarch.

So its not a real medal for heroics or anything. But if the Queen gave you a medal then you would be allowed to wear it on your uniform.
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5.56X45mm said:
He never will see combat or be deployed like a real soldier, it's like him playing weekend paintball warrior.

It actually looks like he can be sent to Iraq..

The Household Cavalry recently had squadrons on operational duty with the UN and Nato in Bosnia and Kosovo, and is expected to return to Iraq.

The Ministry of Defence confirmed Harry could be sent there.
A spokesman for the MoD said: "It's fair to say that if his squadron goes to Iraq, he will probably go with it."
But I personally doubt (and don't hope) that it'll happen.
This would be a security risk for the entire team/unit since the prince would probably be a priority target for every terrorist (and "wannabe terrorist") down there...

Edit: Just noticed a thread on this subject in here:
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I recently noticed that Prince Harry was pictured in his Sandhurst uniform together with a decoration. What is this medal?

Prince Harry was wearing a Golden Jubilee medal. The Queen gave out a number of these medals to commemorate her Golden Jubilee. Prince William also has a Golden Jubilee medal and wore it when representing The Queen in New Zealand in July 2005.

Mohmar Deathstrike said:
Yeah, but that doesn't mean they'll necessarily send him out on patrols.

i doubt that he'll accept NOT to go on patrols.. atleast if the rest of hes squad needs to do it...
Actually 5.56, he's being posted to the House Hold Cavalry, so he's either going to end up with 20 Brigade in Iraq, or 19 Air Assault in Afghanistan.

That being said, I sure as hell wouldn't want to be in his platoon / about a target.
True. But a situation like that would test whether the British government values the life of a British prince more than the life of a non-celebrity Brit.