Pic-Quiz:Military Hardware Trivia

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I don't want this to be a stumper!

Is it a Stridsvagn 122??

I don't think it is because the turret is too shallow on the pic. But its worth a shot.

This is the T80UM/T2000 russian MBT. i writing this one as Sherman105/unidentified object....
new one posted,and its easy...really easy...
as i said

it was easy-but 1 point non the less.
anyways,new posted have a shot everyone.
oh, and even if the new one looks like the "crapmobil",its not...lol
I crawled myself out of bed now..

What kind of BTR-60 is it Redneck??

Could it be the BTR-60PB??? :D

The original BTR-60 is called BTR-60P, and it has no overhead cover or turret... :wink:
i dont care

Its a BTR 60....what ever veraient.points go to redneck!Admin-wake up earlier.... :wink:
New one posted.Should be a hard one....
Hey, that's not fair... :cry:

BTR-60 is not the correct answer!
It's the same as calling a Leopard 2 for just Leopard...

And I have actually been inside a BTR-60(PB)... :?

(or at least 1/2 point...)
Hm.. Hard.. Yes.... Hm...

Or not... :wink:

Looks like one of yours Sherman..
Could it be the Sabra MBT?? :D
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