Paintball players?

sure. I've been to a Vietnam scenario game, and played as a "special forces team leader". It's a different kind of paintball game, I like to play those types of games occasinoally.
I've heard West Point held a skirmish once. Anyone who goes there correct me on this because I'm not sure, but alot of places have D-Day skirmishes....
I've played paintball for a few years now. I dont know the guns well but when it comes to strategy and like winning I tear it up. I'm trying to get my school to start a team. Alot of people already have the gear its just the legalicies (sp?) of it all. I'm on the marksmanship team to. Airsoft is cool but I prefer trap-shooting with a 12 gauge. I love shooting. Don't rightly know weapons but I enjoy firing em and have gotten fairly good at it. No pride of course

Also, paintball and airsoft are also great team builders :)

Our team has been playing together now for 3 1/2 years and we ran an indoor field for awhile till the overhead was just way too much. Guns and upgrades do get expensive..especially when your like me and have had numerous ones. I've owned everything from a Cobra Mamba IR3 with cobra tattoo all the way down to a blade. lol.

As far as DDay goes, we had thought about it but after May 15th, registration is $100 instead of $60 and the allies are full. We'd probably go for the Germans anyway to be the underdogs lol. Yes, the Germans are the underdogs in DDay scenario game. There are less German players than Americans.

Paintball is what also got me into the forum scene lol. Nothing like paying $650 for a $1790 paintball gun just because its got 26,000 shots on the counter and the new line has come out. For those who dont know, 26,000 shots is actually pretty lite duty on the life of a paintball gun. Especially when you figure I have 1 of my guns which is a Spyder AMG LCD and I have over 60 cases through it alone. 60 cases is 120,000 shots and the AMG is still rocking like a champ.
Well offtopic but look the one and only air soft shop opend just a few days a go
so i bought a rifle Its Air soft Colt AR-15 made by french Cyber gun.0.5 jules though,its gas propeled,is it a good choise.I ask this cuz i can give it back if needed,but not for long so i ask for your help
I have been invited to a paintball game with a few people, including my brother.

The fun thing is I will problaby be the only woman there, and the youngest since almost every friend of my brother and my brother is 30+. :lol:

Now, I have been shooting for ages with air rifles, so it should work out fine.

the only thing that won't work out fine is that there is 1 rule: No protections.

That means nothing to wear other then a overall. Not even a helmet, and shooting in the head is not allowed but they don't care either way.

What would a paintball game be without adrenaline? Lol
Yeah I know, though.. I will take the damn bet. They just suck at shooting and their more gentle with me.

This is some wierd renatl place. Because they DON'T have any helmets or ANYTHING.

You have to buy your equipment yourself.

All they have is a forest, the guns and the balls.
I think the guy holding and renting out the guns do it "black" to earn some cash. Lol

But yeah, I will problaby know how to shoot, though there is 2 hunters of the men.

The fun part will be to know that they don't have any protection..

And what can a innocent girl do? Not much, eh? :twisted:

I can accidently aim wrong. :roll:
Safety isnt an option in paintball. Use it or lose it...use the mask or lose an eye. FYI, a paintball gun generally shoots a paintball at 300 fps. Thats what the mask's ASTM standard is rated for. The mask is designed to protect against a facial hit and to protect other areas of the head. A hit to the ear could do severe damage to your eardrum and the could break the small bones which determine balance. A shot to the temple could actually even cause severe injuries and yes, even death. An unprotected eye can be completely knocked out by a paintball. Paintball players across the United States and the world are hitting dilemnas due to either the misuse of protection or the outright non use of protection. Some city officials have banned the use of paintball guns due to kids using paintball guns other than what their intentions call for. If you succumb to this blatant misuse of paintball safety devices you'll just be feeding the anti-paintball frenzy. Please dont use a paintball gun without having the proper safety equipment. Not only could it save someone some severe damage, it'll help those of us who like to play the sport to continue playing and it wont be looked on as a violent and injury prone game. Freezing paintballs and then use them without a mask? That is just plain crazy. If you want to severely injure someone, keep in mind the suffering that individual will have to endure, the sorrow you will feel afterwards, and the millions who love to play the sport responsibly that will have another notch in the anti-paintball movement. So please, play responsibly.
I know the danger by not using safety equipment.

The people I am giong to play against doesn't. It's their stupidness, I can still buy my own helmet and they will be the ones who get shot.

I don't play dirty like that, I use the chest, leg, arm area as my target. Not head, groin or any other place wich may be causing danger for the other person.
That's all great! Marksman and I have some plans of buying airsofts, and go somewhere out of town just to shoot eachother, the best friends who hate eachother
:tank: :rambo: Ready for ya "Danged one" :m1: :camo:
i know we in the marines practice with the M-16 and get some other stuff to make it work with the paint balls a have a question about it tought.
it has a 9 mm calliber is that harder than the regular paint ball guns?
and do you know where can i find a place to go play paintball in NY close to the city i heard there is one somewhere in bronx or queens but i cant find it in the net, if there anyone from NY that knows?