NBC's Saving Jessica Lynch

Notes and Questions.

Every country going to war creates myths. It helps the people believe they are going to win. Its only natural. Im sure Australia had and has myths about warriors. Usually this myths have a basis, somtimes not. The Americans are far from being the only ones to love heroes, its human nature to look for insperation when feeling threatend.

Easy....Some people dont see things like you do, trust me when I say I heard worse about my country and dident take it too harshly. If your sure his wrong, there is nothing to get upset about.

You all know more about this then me. Still, remember, she did go into captivety while serving her country(rambo style or not).

1-How exactly did this Jessica Lynch fall into Iraqi hands?
2-How was she rescued/realesed?
:lol: In a bit of a bad mood here, just had to get ten stitches, so that's going to cost me an arm and a leg. :lol: Too bad I don't fall under the Army's insurance yet.

1) Lynch & Co., under the command of a CPT King, mismarked their map and ended up taking the wrong highway, which caused them to end up in Nasariyah (I know it probably ain't spelled right), which was still in enemy hands. When CPT King realized his mistake, he turned the convoy around and retraced his exact route through the city, at which point they were ambushed and CPT King left to seek the aid of a Marine armored unit down the road. The Iraqis killed several of our people and captured several others, including Jessica Lynch and Pfc Miller, a bonafide hero who saved the lives of many of his comrades by singlehandedly taking out a mortar position that was trying to fire on Lynch and several others hiding behind an overturned truck.

2) The whereabouts of Jessica Lynch and the bodies of five of our soldiers was communicated to our forces by an Iraqi civilian, and an operation was mounted to retrieve them, which went off without a hitch, as the hospital they were in was undefended.
I really don't want to continue with this, because it's kind of upsetting me, but the "shooting from the hip" story DID NOT COME FROM OUR GOVERNMENT. The media created that story, and once again, I do not understand your problem with us.

There was only one soldier i forgot what his name but he say that they shoot he shoots back he.......... shot 1 round then the m16 a2 rifle jamed
That was PFC Miller. Of course every single one of their weapons jammed, in fact they were not even able to fire their .50s at all, due to poor weapon maintenance, so that was a pretty common statement from the survivors. But Miller was the one who killed 13 Iraqis with a single-shot M16.
He was also getting one shot, one kill, every time one of the Iraqis would stick their head out he'd part their hair, I believe from a distance of 50m. Not very far, but under those conditions it's pretty dang good shooting I think.

acctually, single shot probably helped accuracy....still, damn impressive. reminds me of my step dad and his Uzi in 1973...
If there is anything we learned from that and did not apply was to not let pretty little girls into harms way. There is nothing more distressing or horrible(for an American soldier anyway) than seeing a beautiful girl blown into chunks. In case you didn't notice that was the last of the American babes hurt or lost that the media ever focused on for any period of time and how many were killed or maimed in the middle east so far since then? Shame on you America for not stopping that and allowing it to escalate as it is doing. We are not a communist country and should keep on respecting our women and protecting them like we did in the past......nuf said from Charles Lynch on behalf of Jessica and all the other Jessicas out there to come.