Missing flags??

Hey Redleg,
is there anyway to get more military flags? For example the Canadian army flag... stuff like that?
shot in the dark here redleg;

would you consider adding either of these flags? here in NZ we are having a debate about the validaty of the union jack on our flag;

here are two alternatives;



Better late than never.. :oops:

Added Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to the flag display at the bottom of the index page now..

So now we officially have members from 40 different countries in here.. :D

I'll see if I can add those two flags to the px custom shop later Chewie..
Redleg said:
chewie_nz said:
Redleg said:
If you could mail them to me (preferably in max 21x15 pixels) it should be possible to add those as well.. :)

I'll try to get yours online soon as well Chewie.. :oops:

sweet as redleg...nice to know i haven't been forgotten!

What flag should I add??
(just one of them please....)

the top one....tino rangitiritanga


British Army and Royal Air Force added in the Branch flag shop.

Englands flag and tino rangitiritanga(?) added in the custom flag shop..

Happy?? :)
tino rangitiritanga = Control/sovereignty in Maori

(although to be honest my Maori is about as good as my Latin).
maori self rule/determination

personally i don't think it'll ever happen...but i like the flag...it's destinctly new zealand...rather than our current one


The most contentious phrase from the Treaty of Waitangi, tino rangatiratanga has become something of a rallying cry for proponents of Maori sovereignty.

A rangatira is a chief, the suffix -tanga implies the quality or attributes of chieftainship, and the addition of intensifier tino in this context means the phrase can be translated as 'absolute/unqualified chieftainship'. Its closest English translation is self-determination, although many also refer to it as 'absolute sovereignty' or Maori independence. Such a concept embraces the spiritual link Maori have with Papatuanuku (Earthmother) and is a part of the international drive by indigenous people for self determination.

In article one of the Treaty's English text the Maori signatories ceded their sovereignty to the British Crown. The Maori text of the translation used the missionary neologism 'kawanatanga' (= 'governorship') to approximate this concept. This word had been invented by Bible translators, to explain Pontius Pilate's authority in Judaea.
Hm, I've missed that one..

Thanks for the heads-up, I'll try to add it tonight.. :)