Missing flags??


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I've added a small country flag display on the index page, to show where all of our members are from.

Please post here if you can't find your country's flag on the list.
Redleg - Although you have the Union Flag of the UK, is there any chance that the Scottish Saltire could be included, please?
It should be possible to add that one too. :)

And I have also been informed that we the flag from New Zealand is missing.

Adding that one as well soon.
Scotland, New Zealand and India added to the flag display. :)

Any more flags missing?
Added Slovenia, Romania and Singapore to the list..
30 different countries represented here now!! :D

Any other flags missing?
Actually, unless Panama counts as South America then all the continents except antarctica are represented, if not we're missing South America.
The Dominican Republic and Panama added to the flag list and PX shop..

Any more flags?? :)
flags are for where your from? I've seen peeps with multiple flags and thought they were also for areas you've been deployed to. If its also where you have been deployed to, could we get a flag for Honduras? Fuertes Caminos is a regular task down there. If not, thanks and great site :)
My idea about the flag shop was that people could buy flags from their country.
But you can of course have other flags there as well, as long as there's a (good) reason for it.. (deployment, lived in other countries etc...)

I'll add more flags to the shop soon.
I've made/got mini flags from most countries in the world, but I'm working on a forum upgrade now, so I wont add anything before I'm done with that one.. (maybe this weekend, or begining of next week..)