Millitary songs


ok these are the ones we used to sing on ship, and occasional in some foriegn bar after WAY to much to drink:

Sunshine mountain ( you need stairs for this song lol)

then there's the old

"father abrahaim had 7 sons, 7 sons of father Abrahaim.......and he never laugh no he never cried all he did was go like this................"
crazy, that's cool though.
Anyways, I am going to need a moto for the Spec Ops I am currently in command of, so If you can think of one, just PM me with it.
We've got one that's almost the exact same, but it's called "The Flying Fortress". It's around here somewhere, I'm just too lazy to find the link.

Seems to me I remember one verse of an Air version of the "Blood Upon The Risers":

"I was flying flippin' Albacores at forty flippn' feet,
I was flying through the flippin' snow and through the flippin' sleet,
My compass needle flipped from flippin' south to flippin north
And I made my flippin' landfall at the Firth of flippin' Forth."

That's all I can recollect.
Jody calll...

"I gotta date with the Captain's daughter,
He don't know how good I got her,
Captain, Captain, what a sucker,
He don't know I'm gonna SOUND OFF! [One, two...]

etc etc