Member nr 300?

Arg stop doing that Redleg!! all I need is 4 more users, and fast. Quick, no time to lose, I'm going to go pirate a radio station and ADVERTISE!!!
i think Future Ranger deserves the money. Out of all fairness if you were going to delete accounts it should have been done before the contest started. We can't factor into our guesses you discovering and deleting multiple accounts. At the very least split it 50-50 with him.
Sounds like a coup attempt to me. Time for a purge. :wink: :lol:

And accounts were being deleted before the contest started based on the same guidelines as they are now (i.e. multiple sign-ups, false e-mails, etc.), so it's not like anything has changed.
"Out of all fairness" the accounts that were deleted after the contest started did not exist beforehand, and if they had they would have been deleted then.
And unless someone has a weird fascination with the memberlist no one notices this is going on other than those people. we notice it now only because it got so close, had it been done near the start of the contestit wouldn't have made much difference. Isn't there a way in the code to have it search the memberlist to make sure there are no users already using the name? I think that is a standard procedure in most BBs now isn't it?
Did you happen to notice the large number of people who recently signed up? Several of these NEW members (notice the emphasis on "new," meaning they were NOT here before) provided false e-mails or signed up multiple times, thereby putting themselves in the category of "deletable" accounts. (Looky there, I made me a new word.) So without time travel it would have been impossible to delete these accounts "near the start of the contest," seeing as they did not exist then.

For an answer to the coding question, you'll have to wait for Redleg, but the chronological issue would still hold true.
I changed the Registration form a bit earlier, making it a bit simpler, but I made a small mistake.. (forgot one =).....

That allowed people to register without an e-mail adress, and register with the same username several times...
It was not a valid registration, but the it was placed in the memberlist anyway... :?
I didn't notice this problem until after the 250th member had registered...

And there's always the problem with members trying to sign up with a false e-mail.
As you know, when you register you get a confirmation e-mail.
But if you enter a fake/wrong e-mail I get a error e-mail back from the e-mail host/provider...
That happens almost every day.. :?
(there are also so called spambots that tries to register, and flood the forum with spam... :? )

There are some "old" members, with fake/wrong e-mails, that registered before I started the contest.
But as I said earlier, I won't delete them before we reach 300 members..

But if we reach 300 members today, I'll split the prize 50-50 with FutureRanger.. :D

I'm sorry about the trouble with the member list, it won't happen (I hope) in future contests.... :oops:
Since I'm such a nice I'll split the first price 50-50 with you FutureRanger.. :D

But as I said in my last post, I can never guarantee against fake/wrong e-mails...

Welcome to our 300th member, Wallace2004! :D

1. Price: Redleg and FutureRanger 100MilBucks.
3. Price: Redneck, 20 MilBucks.

Congratulations! :D

I'll soon post a 500th member contest.
I hope that more of you will participate in that one.. :wink:
And I'll try not to sc**w up the registration form again... :oops: