Member nr 300?


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When will we get our member number 300??

1. Post the date you think the member will register
2. Only one guess pr. date.
3. Only 1 guess each
4. It costs 20 MilBucks to post a guess.
(Donate to me, enter the date you guess in the donation explanation)
5. You can change your mind later and post a new date. (Costs 10 more MilBucks. Do not edit your post, but post a new one if you change your mind)

No more guesses after the 250th member has registered!

The winner (closest to the date) gets 50% (minimum 100MilBucks) of all milbucks donated.
Second place 25%
Third place 10%


Redneck: 10th February
SilverPhoenix: 8th February
GyuontheRight: 5th April
Redleg: 22nd February
FutureRanger: 13th February

Prize MilBucks: 200
No one else who dare to guess??

6 new members today... :D
When do you think we will get our member nr. 300???

Ladies and Gentlemen (and the rest of you... :wink: )
Place your bets now!
diplomatic_means said:
Not chicken I'm just playing smart.

Chicken! :lol:

And where's those Milbucks GuyontheRight?? :wink:

My guess: March 3 :D
I'll change my guess again..
4-6 new members pr day now.. :D

New guess 22 February..

And to make matters a bit worse for the rest of you, the deadline has been changed to member nr 250... 8)

So Ladies and Gentlemen, place your bets now....
There is no rule of how many time you can change it, or am I being blonde again.

Well, I would change to the 15th..

I will send the milbucks Redleg along with some donation to this Trivia.
My guess is we will see number 300 on February 12th. And no you won't see 20 milBucks because as you all know by know I don't bet(except for the 50year bet of course) :wink:
Wow, 15 new members today! Thats throws my logs off. I've been plotting the number of new members every day since the contest was announced, but this really throws it off.