MCJROTC shout outs

a plan to get into an MCJROTC???
or are you talking about the Marine Corps?
and if its the latter, your still in middle school....
im a little confused :?
dude i got like a couple months and then im in High school...and my high school doesnt have one...A plan to get into the marine corps and ROTC and all that good mess
your still in middle school, and after taht you got 4 years of high school, you should be liveing it up, enjoying life, not talking to recruiters about getting in already
MCJROTC Shout Outs

Heyy, Im MC and our favorite shout out is most definately OORAH!
But here in Mexico New York, my platoon is made entirely of freshman! They all failed some test in 8th grade, so they have some "study skills" thing during our ROTC class, it sucks!
They all have their own war cry, it sounds omethin like "AAAWWWW!!!!! NOT AGAIN!" They have half the time to learn everything, and they have no help from upper cadets. I am the platoon sergeant, its really hard this year, but we'l manage. lol