MCJROTC shout outs

silent driller

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Hey all you devil pups! LEMME HEAR YOUR WAR CRY!!! REPRESENT YOUR SCHOOL AND YOUR CORPS!!! Any other service can let us know where you are, too!

JR Tucker High School
MCJROTC Richmond, VA
Not MC either and already posted it but who cares

Eighty Duce Lead The Way

Winston-Salem Composite Squadron
Bravo Flight Sgt
Nope- Shout Outs. I thought about it right after I created the thread and checked it. It was right... Now where are the rest of you rotsee guys?
welp JR Tucker I take it that would be James River hehe my ex went to Byrd

Not MC but

C/Sgt (Ret'd)
US Army JROTC Hill Topper Battalion
Johnson City Tennessee
There is a Cadet Forum now!

So, If I am the Canadian Equivalent to the MCJROTC (or was!) Does that count?
Come on guys! I know you're out there! Stand and be recognized...and laughed at...and looked upon with awe...and laughed at :D