Expert with M16A2...never fired below a 30 and the 30 I had the flu before I went on quarters all in 15 years.

In 1996 I was the Army Reserve Skill At Arms Challenge "Top Gun" recipient shooting zero ranges, qual ranges, known distance ranges, night scopes (pvs4's), night fire ranges, pistol range, pistol popups, and a new concept range moving towards your target assuming prone unsupported, kneeling, standing, and sitting style shooting and all this in a little over a week of firing. Of course though the Army screwed me out of my bronze distinguished riflemans badge, but I recieved the plaque. I got my 4 points for the badge, now I cant get it.

Qualled expert first time on the 60 range and I was an artilleryman. I beat out all the grunts there that day which felt pretty good :) After that I was a gunner for 2 years while at ft campbell. Total 60 gunner time is app 4 years. Last time I was on the range I qualled 8/10 and was the only one to fire above a 4/10. God bless the M60 and I hate to see it go. I was a M203 gunner also for awhile but never had to qual with it. But know it enough to walk other troops through how to fire and adjust.

Grenades I was a grenadier first bounced out.
Just marksman qualified with the Beretta M9. :D (Navy requirements...naturally it doesnt count until I actually join the Navy and re-test.)
Expert Marksman with the .177 Calibre Air Rifle used in Cadets

I've shot a C7A1 several years ago with a grouping of 1cm at 50meters with one bullet out of the way (I pulled the rifle).
We do have M1 in GADNA, so i do a couple of shots from it from time to time. It's not standart GADNA weapon, so I cant use it on contest, but otherwise I like it. M-16 also good, but my results arent that good with it as with M1 and K98.
Well, the K98 is a superb long range weapon. And the M1 is very good up to 150 meters. I dident know they have the M1 in GADNA...Thanks.
LCDR_SurfWar said:
I'm pretty sure you get the gun AFTER you join the army. :D :rambo: :D

nah you get a "rifle" after you join the army... :lol:

Best to get one ahead of time and can't make an expert shooter in a couple of freakin months of training. Given the chances of seeing combat in todays military...I'd practice as soon as possible. All military personel need more range time....especially those truck drivers, and other support personel that have gotten damn little training to defend themselves.
Expert with the M16A2 I shot 40/40 once, and above 36 every other time.

Expert with the GUU-5P qualled on this one twice 38/40 and 37/40

I have qualled with the M-9 about 15 times and been expert everytime.

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