Doing what exactly? :lol: You need to start providing a little more information in your posts, they're a bit sparse in that respect. :lol:

Most everyone here is or has been involved with shooting in some capacity (personally I've been shooting since I could hold a rifle without tipping over), if you're referring to sniping, then I can't think of any members who are snipers (aside from one ex-member who was a super-duper mp sniper :lol: ).
Marksman said:
well small caliber arms on 50 meters,And i have some scout expiriance.

Are you talking about pistols? If so, I don't really have much experience with them, most all my shooting has been with long guns. You ever do any clay pigeon, or any other shotgun, shooting?
Oh, gotcha (little slow today :lol: ).
In that case, I have an Expert Qualification with the M16A2 rifle and with the M9 pistol.
Yes i got my very own gun,Luger it is 1939 parabelum 9mm very acurate gun,everything is possible here
Expert on the M16, 38/40. missed expert on grenades because of that damn motar pit. Shot with a sherriff's dept. Sharpshooter on a .22 pistol. I shot alright with a 203, but never got to qual with it.
I've been to three different S/S schools throughout my lifetime and still can't hit the broad side of a barn. :D
rpgincoming said:
expert on m16a1, currently involved in early sniper training :D huzzah!!

You never did answer my question. Who are you getting the field fam from? CDN Snipers?
Expert on the M16 (though it doesn't count since I'm not really Navy). :D
Didn't test for M9 beause I wasn't good enough...but fired a few clips from one anyway.
I used to shoot from K98, really liked it , got 2nd place in contest. Now im training with M16 and M1 Carabine(although i prefer the M1, its not such a apin in the ass when you need to clean it).

You train with the M1 in GADNA? I know the K98 is used in GADNA, and so is the M16 but i thought the M1 is only for Police and MASHAZ shooting.

Oh, sorry everyone, got a bit carryed away, a little dictionery-

GADNA- Gdudey Noar, youth regiements, think about somthing similar to ROTC...

MASHAZ- Mishmar Ezrachi, Civil Guard, a volunteer based org that acts as an aid to the Israeli Police.