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Drasius Kedys - hero in Europe and in Lithuania
Judge Dreadful killer a hero

A dad who shot dead a judge and a senior politician because they molested his three-year old daughter has become a national hero after going on the run in Lithuania.

Horrified Drasius Keyds, 37, gunned down the perverted pair on Monday after police turned a deaf ear to his pleas for justice for his tortured tot.

Now in hiding, Keyds has become a hero on YouTube and Facebook with hundreds of thousands of fans from all over the world pledging support.

"You are a hero to all of us," reads one Facebook message. "What you did is nothing but justice."

Mugs and t-shirts with his image on them have begun appearing alongside the logo "Drasius: Lone-avenger".

Keyds' nightmare began a year ago when daughter Deimantela told him about a meeting set up by his then fiancee with judge Jonas Furmanavicziusa and the Speaker of Lithuania's parliament , Andrius Us.

The pair allegedly raped and abused the youngster who reported her ordeal to her father.

But a year long campaign for a police investigation failed when detectives told Keyds there was not enough evidence to proceed with a case.

Now the fugitive dad is being offered a safe haven in neighbouring countries like Poland.

Parliamentary deputy speaker Stefan Niesiołowski said: "This is a clear case of incompetent law enforcement on the original crime."
Stories of my four-year old daughter about naked men, her being undressed, her being licked and requests to lick big sysalai (as the little girl calls men’s genital organs), dripping out cream, her being covered with that “natural” cream, becoming of sysalas very little (after the “cream” run out), putting sysalas into her mouth, its pulling forward/ back, shouting strange sounds, putting and pulling sysalas in the room, bathroom, lavatory… everywhere, always, hundreds of times when she visited her “Mummy” at weekends (even on Christening day of my daughter) do not move none of officers involved in prejudicial inquiry. Nothing happened here… The girl is alive. Her mother got money from those with big sysalai for living.
Three interrogations of my daughter about circumstances of sexual abuse (even if, according to law regulations, a child may be interrogated only once), complex forensic psychiatry done with my daughter, forensic psychology expertise with a categorical conclusion that my daughter can properly understand particularly essential circumstances of the case and testify. Increased predisposition to fantasise was not identified. Ten psychologists that participated in interrogations were not able to determine “lies” of the child. However, all this does not mean anything in our Legal State. Categorical request of prosecutors to constantly interrogate the child (after she was interrogated and examined already) allows them to take the decision – the child was not sexually abused.
I do not know. Maybe, as her father, I look with another eye upon this situation and understand words of the girl repeated during interrogations and expertise. But maybe there are people in Lithuania who cannot understand words of the child in a different way – it is disgusting violence, orgies of degenerates, perverts, paedophiles… I do not know, maybe “qualified” prosecutors think differently…
Maybe prosecutors see their other faces because participants of these orgies are Member of Presidium of Citizen Democracy Party, ex-Public adviser of the Member of Seimas V. Muntianas, ex-Head of Kaunas branch of Labour Party Andrius Ūsas, Judge of Kaunas County Court Jonas Furmanavičius, and their third blond-haired friend Aidas. To me, they all are paedophiles. I shall never forget a question of my four-year old daughter to me, her father of 36 years-old, telling me about their sysalai that smelled **** and dripping out cream: “Are you a baby, Daddy? You do not understand anything?”.
I understand that we faced “čekanavičiai” which are in power, politics, Court… I wish to everybody not to meet such people in your life… For this “created” slander I was entered in a criminal case. It is requested to adjudge one million Litas to compensate immaterial damage… It does not matter how it all ends, but I shall not be silent: for the sake of my raped little daughter, for the sake of the raped children and future victims that may appear if we do not punish these people. Maybe, after reading my words, victims and relatives of these perverts shall respond.
All my requests to prosecutors are rejected. The request to interrogate Judge of Kaunas County Court was rejected by the prosecutor Kiuršinas, as information about the Judge is not checked by process actions: the indicated way of recognition was not performed according to norms of the Criminal Code of Practice of the Republic of Lithuania. Therefore, it does not have any legal power. Interrogation subject-matter is not indicated in the request to interrogate; it is also not indicate what information useful for investigation should be received after interrogation of the Judge. I do not understand anything: can I, as a legal representative of aggrieved little girl, check the obtained information by process actions; can I perform recognition by norms of the Criminal Code of Practice of the Republic of Lithuania. Apart from that, I do not understand whether evidence of the indicated by the little girl people who visited the place of her sexual abuse can be significant in a criminal case. It is not my competence, but obligation of the officers carrying this prejudicial inquiry who get paid by the Government to take all the foreseen means to investigate and reveal criminal activity in the shortest possible period of time.
Even funnier that one could imagine – my last complaints on actions of the prosecutor A. Kiuršinas addressed to Supreme prosecutor of Kaunas County K. Betingis and General prosecutor of the Republic of Lithuania A. Valantinas were solved by the prosecutor A.Kiuršinas himself. I do not know where to apply, what to do, how to fight paedophiles.
The main national legal act – Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania – embeds general provisions on human rights and protection of freedom and constitutional State obligation to save and protect childhood and cherish children. Prosecutor’s office is a State institution performing functions determined in Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, Prosecution law and other legal acts. Prosecutor and institutions of prejudicial inquiry in every case of criminal activity have to perform all means foreseen by the legal acts to reveal criminal activity. Attempts of prosecutors G.Ročienė, R.Čivinskaitė, A.Kiuršinas, K.Betingis to perform everything, or better to say nothing, are constantly repeated. I want to believe that there are just and honest officers in this rotten country who would do everything for paedophiles and perverts to pay the penalty. Presently performed prejudicial inquiry is a repeated trauma for my little daughter, me and my parents. If anybody understood what happens in the independent Lithuania, please do something, help us. If it is still possible to do anything. As the “Ročienė“, „Čivinskaitė“, „Kiuršinas“ or „Betingis“ shall never help. They dream to finish their reputable service and get happy and solid senescence…

Drąsius Kedys

D. A. Skuciene godmother Kediene stated: "We find the body - brave, but he has changed the appearance" (extended 22 hours. 15 min., 4 videos)
Kaunas man found dead is boldly chairs. This confirmed his relatives, who recognized the dead body morgue.

D. Kedys godmother Audrone Skuciene said that she participated in the crowd, the Kedys Neringa Venckienė sister and two close relatives. In recognition, they were not found in the body of the police officers, and their motion. The body, found the man they knew only from the media.

See commentary on the interception of the Kedys's A.Žilių friends .

According to the relatives of Kedys's, it was recognized under the moles on his shoulder.

See commentary ."We believe that it is brave. I think he was killed ", - said A. Skuciene. She said that the godson was changed appearance - your hair grow long, colored black. The woman predicted that the Kedys could be killed last week.

The woman has already ordered the mortuary room. According to relatives, he will pašarvotas Jonučių village.

D. Kedys cousin Sonata in DART suggested that the body found traces of violence. "Swolen his head, you can see traces of blood volume", - said the woman. She fell face the fact that the Chair numbly hands were crossed and placed on the chest. As a result, experts reject the suicide version. It is not excluded that the man was able to chill.

S.Žukauskienė also noted that D. Kedys was changed appearance - long hair fell on his shoulder, they were painted black. (english subs)

RIP to a hero of father, best wishes for his friend arrested
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The place where the body was found the chairs - a special operation (updated 18:10 pm., Photos, video)

ublic Safety Office on Wednesday at platoon, which was found, as expected, Grow chairs the body, performs a specific operation.
Increase text of the article
Reduce the text of the article

News portal reporters on Wednesday before noon watched as Public Safety officers going to the special operation. It takes place in Kaunas region, Šlienavos village to Samylai hill, near the lagoon, where the body found Saturday in order to maintain the environment people.
Operation involving several hundred officers from the Public Security Bureau, Kaunas Region Police, dog trainers with the dog. Dog trainers claim that on Wednesday morning, had to take the normal classes, but they were quickly withdrawn after experts with service dogs to call on this transaction.

According to preliminary data, this operation was organized after a woman living in these districts report: it is claimed that on Saturday found a body, which can also meet the definition of chairs. But so far no confirmation of this information does not exist.
The site, which was discovered by a man identified as the két in the flesh, came to his relatives - aunts, and parents. They laid flowers, lit candles. News portal they said no journalists any more new information, knowing only that the body will not recover today.

Meanwhile, the special operation has already begun - it involves more than a hundred officers. Experts have discovered some kind of things, but refused to allow journalists to find out what is found. This finding confirmed in the same holiday park close to the mound Samylai.

Unverified data finding - simple litter (teapot, carpet and similar items), unrelated to the study.

Special operations officers carrying out the arc and near the place where to find the alleged body of chairs, living people. They are found in the man picture. Officials also visited the nearby community garden groups.

"On the morning of our visit, and journalists and police. Only we do not say, have not seen chairs around "- said Samylai ward worker, who also was receiving officers.

Territory in detail by inspecting officers concealed the fact that attention is paid to all the evidence, collected in all, even at first glance, can not lead to suspicion, to find things. It is carefully inspected neglected gardens, which are in the area. Checking the version or not there more than half of the hide of Law on two murder suspect két D.. persuade local people - gardeners Šlienavos village house with people, the local shop staff - argued nearby noticed no one new man. "Everyone knows each other here. How many of those people only. Some - a good 50 years already. None seen an unknown "- claimed the local population.
Whenever Mr D.Kedys translated into English- some error comes as Chair... to clarify that...
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...not sure weather it would be possible to call whole affair conspiracy or real political issue...
The experts found that the non-violent death of Kedys, the corpse could be written pistol shot Mr Furmanavičius (updated)
On Wednesday evening, has been received can be easily chairs remains the examination findings. Kaunas County Prosecutor's chief prosecutor Kestutis Betingis did not wish to comment on the details, but confirmed the initial finding that the chairs are not violent death.

"There is news, but I can not comment on them. All of this traffic, it took over management of the Prosecutor General's Office ", - said K. Betingis.

When asked whether it is true that the man, who identified as D. két, death is not violent, Kaunas district chief prosecutor replied in the affirmative.

"This kind of data, I also got" - said K. Betingis.

On Saturday, a pre-trial investigation into the cause of death determination started Kaunas Region Police officials said on Wednesday almost unquestionable that the remains of the highest qualified experts puree confirm the initial finding that the Kaunas Lagoon find someone death is due to total body cooling.

Temporary Attorney General Office Raimondas Petrauskas journalist confirmed that the next Chair of body found in a weapon is real cartridges designed to fire gas gun "Baikal Iz 79-8.Russian production of weapons grade įgudusiems the masters is not hard to redo the fighting. For this reason, the Baikal Iz 79-8 "gas guns banned from import into Lithuania.

Experts are currently investigating whether the Kedys remains to find a weapon in October 2009, the 5th was shot in Kaunas District Court Judge Jonas Furmanavičius.
I believe it is enough of info to make my mind up :
D.Kedys has been killed by either politically motivated institutions or criminal elements in order to close the case of child abuse for good
His friend coming back from abroad coincides with his death date. Intentionally or not- some form of contact or other events caused him(DK) to be discovered
For the person , who has been on a run through harsh winter for six month, to die in warming up weather, with "same" gun, that he had executed pedos ... ? clearly too many conveniences or cover up in day light...
Not just sad for the great person to leave this world, but saddened by so much corruption being possible.
These people exist because we are afraid to do violence upon them and they are not afraid to use violence upon us.
Atas, you sure have all my sympathies if you aare promoting an anti-pedophile fatherhere, but with the translations I have not been able to put together the story.

Can you give a short summary that makes sense in English?

My guess is you are refering to this man mentioned last year?

A dad who shot dead a judge and a senior politician because they molested his three-year old daughter has become a national hero after going on the run in Lithuania.

Horrified Drasius Keyds, 37, gunned down the perverted pair on Monday after police turned a deaf ear to his pleas for justice for his tortured tot.

Now in hiding, Keyds has become a hero on YouTube and Facebook with hundreds of thousands of fans from all over the world pledging support.

Myself, I adore Andrew Vachss "Burke" as my hero in this respect and wished I would have the drive and ability to fight against pedophiles under his angle and expertise.

Sorry, I have missed "the beginning" or the point of justices being done...
Ex-girlfriend of DK has had care of they daughter for a short while, but DK had regained full custody. She had got involved big and very influential "people" on hers side to get access to the child... child started to talk and DK had documented 1hr statement from his daughter. (some related videos do have English subtitles)
DK had gone to every institution possible to get justices and for a whole year had no success. 05/10/2009 within two hours two pedos assassinated and DK was on a run since.
Untill due to "some" circumstances, his friend got robed in Greece, loses documents (under officially alcohol- else spyked) and has to ask Ltu Embassy for help to get back home... where upon arrival Albertas Zilius is arrested and so far it seems DK get murdered (same day)- official explanations coming through- no murder evidence....ės-sesuo-nuotraukos-3-video.htm
Kaunas - two murders: Judge J. Furmanavičius shot him and pedophilia apkaltinusio the Chair of the former foster sister (photos, 3 videos)
Kaunas on Monday morning shot in Kaunas District Court Judge John Furmanavičius. A crime committed V. Sladkevičius Street about 8 pm. 30 min. Videonaujienose see commentary from Kaunas .

Four hours after the crime in the streets again echoed Piliuonos shots - shot dead a judge in the murder of the former Chair sought Grow foster sister, Violet.

Woman killed, shot in the temple

After the murder the police advised that the Chair announced Grow, who has previously accused Mr Furmanavičius molesting his daughter, the search. Police are also looking for the father of Vytautas Andrius Chair Chair, who may have relevant information about the murder of a judge.

Kaunas police news of the murdered woman, reached after more than four hours after the murder of a judge. It appears that about 12 hours. 30 min. Shot dead the former Chair of Laima foster sister Violet. A woman murdered 29 years found a home Piliuonos street from the school, her daughter returned.According to preliminary data, a woman shot dead in the porch of the house. According to neighbors, the victim died from a shot to the temple. Some witnesses said that, besides the dropped rifle was murdered. Lithuanian Radio reported that the gun was found "Beretta" belonged to the Chair.

Event at work experts, evidence search dog trainers invoked, fly a helicopter. Murdered near police station houses set up, plan introduced in "Detention": guns armed officers checked vehicles. Videonaujienose See commentary .

Unofficial data, the two crimes committed have become the main suspect két.

Blood stained pedophilia scandal

J. Furmanavičius the pedophilia scandal was included in the summer - it is a serious crime has accused a resident of the Kaunas region két.

Controversial statements about a judge publishes specially created Web site, it placed Mr Furmanavičius pakaunės and a businessman, a former assistant Andrew Victor Muntianas Uso photos. These individuals are named as the két pedophiles, blamed the little girl, raped the girl
It's a shame that people with courage, the people who have the guts to do the right thing often have such tragic ends.
The cowards always manage to survive and even manage to make some money while at it.
It's a shame that people with courage, the people who have the guts to do the right thing often have such tragic ends.
The cowards always manage to survive and even manage to make some money while at it.
to add: those pedos- Prosecution officers of highest ranks- the most powerful legal organisation. What do common people could call upon to get protected? (just a stupid and frustrated rhetorical "?")
Considering quite big mafia's (some eliminated, some still very much in power and connected to very many murky Politicians/Prosecution officers being still active)- I would not be surprised, that actual killing has been done by crims with blessing from high ranking officials.

The biggest horror of mine is the fact of mother and her sister being involved and worth being shot on a spot, not just pedos...
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Could somebody change the title of this topic to:
Drasius Kedys - hero in Europe and in Lithuania- Dead
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Barely can hold my anger in tack...
They say he’s dead.That’s all I could find: (Thanks to, all my information I show here in this post is from that site)

“Folk hero Kedys, allegedly, found dead

The folk hero Drasius Kedys, who allegedly had shot two people in Kaunas and was on the run since then, was found dead some 30 km from Kaunas on 18 April. Media reports that his relatives identified the body. The Acting General Prosecutor Raimondas Petrauskas said to LNK TV news that the found body could be that of Drasius Kedys, but he gave 90 per cent.

The story that shook and stirred all Lithuania was one of the most followed events since the crime was committed at the beginning of October 2009. Drasius Kedys allegedly shot Kaunas judge Jonas Furmanavicius and few hours later 29 years old Violeta Naruseviciene was found dead in her home. Media immediately spotted a link between those killings and Drasius Kedys. Kedys was accusing the judge and a few other men of sexually molesting his little daughter. He also accused Violeta Naruseviciene, sister of his former girlfriend, in cooperating with those men.

In August 2009 news portal reported that Kedys had sent out almost 200 letters with DVD discs containing his daughter’s story about what three men had done to her. The men accused of paedophilia and child molesting included Furmanavicius and Andrius Usas. Among recipients of the letters were about a dozen of parliamentarians, Lithuanian members of the European Parliament, all political parties, the media and officials. The English-language letter and the girl’s story with subtitles was also sent to Members of the European Parliament.

Officially Drasius Kedys was still on the run. Lithuanian police issued his international arrest warrant. At first media reported that he might be hiding in Russia, then Britain and recently the Spanish police announced about his search.

The case is still pending since the main suspect could not be questioned. The popular support for the farther that was fighting against an alleged institutionalised paedophile ring grew enormously. Drasius Kedys’ popularity was equal to Lithuania’s President Dalia Grybauskaite, who tops all the ratings. The popular support converted itself into accusations of the Prosecutors Office being ‘on the side of paedophiles’.

Groups of hundred people demonstrated in the front of Prosecutors Offices in various Lithuanian cities. It is thought that one of the main reasons behind the General Prosecutor Valantinas resignation was Kedys case. The Children Rights Protection Ombudsmen Salaseviciute was also asked to leave her post mainly because of the society’s anger towards her.”
Is that all true? Who has more Info?

April 22nd, 2010 at 17:31

Will try to resume all info from lithuanian websites. Yes, the dead man found near Kaunas is Drasius Kedys indeed. The first strange thing here is that in the beginning nobody reported his relatives about founded body similar to Kedys. This means, that he, if nobody recognizes him, could be buried as “nobody”. Relatives just for being sure went to recognize found dead man and found that it was Kedys. They told that there was blood on his face and there were marks of beating on the body, as the prosecutor told that there were No any marks of violence.
Official cause of death is that D. Kedys choked with a content of his stomach. Very strange thing is that there were 3,7 promiles of alcohol found in his blood. This is deadly dose. But no bottles were found. We can only imagine: Drasius drinks innormous amount of alcohol, then comes to public place, starts to vomit and then chokes. After that lies down, crosses his hand on the brest (this is how he was found), then a little bit digs himself in to the ground, puts a pistol Baikal (the prosecutor confirmed that the pistol that was found near Drasius was the same that was used in two murders in Kaunas where judge Furmanavicius and woman were shot) near himself and then dies. Experts said that he died about 4 days ago. So how many promiles were in his blood in the day he died? People are very angry in Lithuania and most of them do not believe that he died naturally. There is opinions that Kedys by force was get drunked with very lots of alcohol, and then started to vomit and died naturally as he could not move. After that he was brought to quit public place just before the public action “Let’s do 2010″ (where all people are going to streets, forests, river lake shores to collect garbage) begins. During this public action D. Kedys was found. Also an interesting thing that after those murders near dead woman was found pistol Berreta. Near Drasius body was found pistol Baikal. There was DNR of Kedys found on a pistol.
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Following a long battle with paedophiles - emotional farewell Garliava

On Saturday afternoon, as the famous fighter with pedophiles Sincerely, Kaunas district Jonučių eternal rest in the cemetery have a nap. His funeral attracted far more people than any of his victims - in October last year the 5th killed Judge John Furmanavičius and Violeta Naruševičienės - funeral.

D. Kedys on Thursday evening was taken to Jonučių funeral home. Click here to pay tribute to the man came, not only families, but hundreds of those who think that the Kedys became a victim of the war on pedophiles.

Saturday morning Garliava Holy Trinity Church was celebrated St. Mass. They sacrificed three priests. Some of the priests during Mass supported by the Kedys. Once more the Kedyss were being sought on several occasions in churches was celebrated St. Mass for the conversion of prosecutors
Not a single protest rally attended pedophilia priest John Varkala for a high activity was reached even his criticism of management. However, as only J. Varkala and was one of three priests today mass service St. sermons.
After Mass immediate burial and returned to the house, to which crowds of people's choice. One of the cars in the convoy Jonučių came from Kaunas Castle. Frequent car was surrounded by the Lithuanian tricolor ribbon of mourning, on the other was flying only black ribbons.

Most of the people who came to say goodbye to the Kedys, brought up the bouquets of flowers, wreaths and candles.

Paddock before the funeral homes were burning candles laid carpet.

Before the coffin of the deceased taken from funeral home, with people in order wreaths and baskets lined up to the grave pit. Front of the processional cross and was swept by the Kedys portrait. From behind the coffin came with pedophilia fighter and close relatives - among them, and the Kedys daughter, then followed them to the crowd. The funeral procession attended Saul Dentistry Member of Parliament, nationalist Mindaugas Murza, arrived from Juodkrante D. Kedys Albert Zilius friend. Hundreds of people did not fit into the cemetery, some of the more visible, climbed on the roofs of surrounding garages.

Consequently funeral did't go and without incident. TV 3 operator has been ousted out because of, supported by people constantly prior to the Kedys biased broadcasts aired on LNK television journalist took the Virginijus refreshing.

It was subsequently identified and oust V. Gaivenio tracks produced controversial show "both sides of the wall organizers.
One woman to another empty grave pits and long prayed kneeling. Surrounding it asked to withdraw from the grave pit and started to drag a woman. This began to call upon for help.

Lowered the coffin into the pit was said farewell speech, Read poems, which were accompanied not only tears, but applause. In some languages the lips of persons type is Kedys was compared with the Siberian exiles.

Pledging to extend to the grave of his desperate struggle commenced with paedophiles.

Tend to cover the pit graves of hundreds of flowers and wreaths with the inscriptions: "To Fallen against pedophiles," "We avenge for you, Grow" and the like.
Journalists state D. Kedys funeral procession attended from 3000 to 4000 people.
Few more photos
just for the record, if anybody on these thread or anywhere on this forum kills a person who does intentional mental or physical harm to a child, come to my house, you WILL be safe here as long as I draw a breath.
Anybody who is a pedophile, you can come here also, my dogs are getting hungry
just for the record, if anybody on these thread or anywhere on this forum kills a person who does intentional mental or physical harm to a child, come to my house, you WILL be safe here as long as I draw a breath.
Anybody who is a pedophile, you can come here also, my dogs are getting hungry
I'd sent your dogs on to all ignorant/corrupt/lazy/unprofessional officials too...
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:shoothea: Fu$kin' great!
The Court held: N. Venckienė sister of D. Kedys have to return girl to mother Stankūnaite
Kedainiai judge Bronius Varsackis decided that the D. Kedys's daughters care to be by her mother Laimutė Stankūnaitė.

The court on Friday set aside the morning of Neringa Venckienė rights to the Kedyss daughte caser.

Court decision may be appealed within 7 days.

The daughter returned to No. Stankūnaitei because, according to the judges no evidence disklosed that she is a bad mother.

There where no representatives of either Kedys or Venckai family .

Court decision: the daughter to L. Stankūnaitei must be passed "without delay".

Through legal dispute, the girl's custody was temporarily awarded the Kedys sister, Kaunas District Court Judge N. Venckienė.

When the body was found in the Kedys, the girl's relatives didn't ask the officials to preserve it.

At the time, L. Stankūnaitė the daughter was able to meet twice a week for two hours.

Family and general public is gathering byy the house of N. Venckienė in Kaunas district,

People will not hand girl over - says the Kedys of baptism mom Audrone Skuciene.

D. Kedys lawyer and brother-in law Venckus Aidas, said Friday by telephone, riling he has learned from journalists of the decision, so the he could not comment further. In his opinion, the Court decision have to be appealed against this i District Court ruling.
I dont know weather earthquake would be the the anwer...
totally disappointed with LTU government... anyone of ability to do anything- should and be praised for!