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Sorry i may have overeacted its just im not not for either side of that conflict but some of you seem so proud of killing a handicap with a missle...

the palestinians some of them do exagerante with ther suicide bombers but the isrealy army has done more then 1 war crime...

Lets play ball!

Jtf2 wrote:
It was a brutal murder

Well, acctually it was an act of war. Its no diffrent then targeting your enemys headquarters. Oh, and the handicap issue is irrevent, its his brain that was a deadly weapon, not his limbs....

War? how is it war

Well, since 1948 Israel fought a continues war. The Palestinian strugle is just a part of it. Let me remind you that in 1948 the arabs rejected the devision of palestine/israel, thinking they can have it all. After the arab defeat in 1967 we offerd all the territories back. Again, the arabs refused.
In 1999 we offerd 97% of the teritorries, arafat refused, went for an uprising. Its a war. It maybe unbalanced, but its a war that the arabs choos to continue.

the palestinians some of them do exagerante with ther suicide bombers but the isrealy army has done more then 1 war crime...

Common...I can honestly say that the IDF is almost free of war crimes. There are a few horrible examples. I think these should be taken care of, but as a whole, i think we ave the most just army in the world.

if the US wasint backing up isreal it would have been long overun by forein armys...

Ok, firstly, between 1948-1968 there was very little USA support and Israel did fine(1948,1956,1967). Now, Even if the Americans are our allies and supporters, i see nothing wrong with that. I think there is no better ally.

Re: lol

Jtf2 said:
War? how is it war when you have an army ( that has billions and well trainned men) and you have a bunch of poor people with bombs obviously you shauld stop them but i bet if the handicap was american and he was a drug lord or a mob boss and he was killed but a suicided war 3 would start...its pathetic...if the US wasint backing up isreal it would have been long overun by forein armys....

Ok, I'm sorry but I really can't figure out what exactly you're trying to say here, seems a bit garbled. Slow down a bit, there is no time limit here for writing a post.

Well i don't want to take a side i was just saying it is the worst "war" even to be declared i mean 1 bombs and kills 20 the other goes to kill 30 and then isint war...its more of a kind of harassing*...

i am happy that the now dead leader of the hamas is dead but they said he was moderate...i dont think it was a wise descision i'm just saying it cauld have been done diffrently...using a scalpel instead of a hammer....

** I am french i am in the process os learning english i am sorry for any spelling mistakes...**
Sometimes, it is entirely appropriate to kill a fly
with a sledgehammer.
-Major Holdridge

And a "moderate" terrorist doesn't exist.
By moderate i meant compared to he's successors....

"Force always attracts men of low morality."
- Albert Einstein
So instead of force, what would you suggest? Negotiations? Those do not work with people like those in question. Neville Chamberlain negotiated the hell out of Hitler, and look how that ended up. And like I said, there is no such thing as a "moderate" terrorist.

And that quote is not saying that only men of low morality use force. Sometimes the best morals require one to use force.

"Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding."
- Albert Einstein

M8 thos people??? there humain like you and i ....and i am not pro-isrealy nor pro-palestinian but that conflict shauld havr been long settled by now....
Peace may not be able to be kept by force, but force almost always lays the groundwork for that peace.

Once again, you need to slow down a bit with your typing, I realize that English is not your primary language, but it seems most of the typos are "frenzy" related.
Anyway, "those people" (although I did not use those words) is a perfectly legitimate characterization, and they are NOT like me in the least, aside from at the biological level. And if you have any ideas on what could have been/could be done differently to better the situation in Israel, please lay them out.
What about palestine? i mean sure isreal dosent deserve the suicide bombs but ( i am not racist in anyway) because of what is hapenning in the middle east if your arab OR jewish people look down on them because of the conflict in the middle east....see the is MY opinion the superpowers like USA,UK,france etc...shauld intervein there not in Iraq for the oil...(i mean sure saddams caught but now the war is still unjustified...) Why dont the US troops go in the middle east? THATS where there suposed to be not in japan,germany,deminican republic,cuba etc...if the US cauld solve that conflict they would be less hated across the world and then again...

I know i have gone off subject but i wanted to express my opinion....


Jtf2 said:
i mean sure saddams caught but now the war is still unjustified

How do you figure? I believe the war in Iraq is entirely justified, even if only (although it is not the only justification by a long shot) by the fact that we removed Saddam's regime and by so doing protected the lives and liberties of thousands of Iraqis.

Why dont the US troops go in the middle east?

We are in the Middle East.

THATS where there suposed to be

Is it now? Since when does our being anywhere meet with the approval of the so-called "world community?" Thank you anyway, but they are the last people who I would look to for advice on what and where our government should send servicemen and women into harm's way for.

if the US cauld solve that conflict they would be less hated across the world

See above. I could not care less what the "world" thinks of my country and its actions as long as I believe in them.

And as long as we are swapping quotes:

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out where the strong man stumbled or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred with dust and sweat and blood. At best, he knows the triumph of high achievement; if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.
-Theodore Roosevelt

Spoken like a true american...look m8 by the middle east i mean between palestine and isreal

2nd You say you dont need the world comunity's support?
the us economy has never been worst because of bush's 'war on terrorism' the us has an ANUAL dept of over 300 billion that adds up...and that they never pay...and why do you think there are terror attacks? because the US troops are where there not suposed to be...other countrys lol

Look m8 im not attacking the US i was actualy for the iraq war because i just plain hated saddam and i loved the milltary effort im just trying to get a debate going... its fun

just MY opinion once again...
Oh and when the US defies the UN that cauld create world war 3 :rambo:

LOL. Jtf2, you dont have a clue do you. I am known to be one of the easy going members of this forum. I am way more liberal then Redneck...But you are posting complete nonsence. Firstly, the UN would not exist if the USA did not support it, financially and militarliy. Secondly, the Israeli-Palestinian problem is partly caused by the effects of totalterian arab rejiems, such as Saddams. If you think that calling the palestinian "those people" offends them, your dead wrong. They are proud of being Palestinian as I am proud being a Jew/Israeli. They refer to the westerners as "those people". France sold itself to arab oil long ago, and has no right to complain. France was a great suppoter of Israel and then embargoed us because the arabs threatend france with an oil embargo. The french should also note, when they complain about the USAs agressive foreighn policy, that similar US actions are the reason the French do not speak GERMAN...As to the intervention of US or french troops in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, i'd advise against it. For a couple of reasons. Firstly, I dislike the idea of any foreighn country sending soldiers here. Secondly, the casualties you will take at plaestinian attacks would be horrible. Also, you assume the Israeli gov. would allow this. Im not so sure, and it would be a pitty to see a UN task force getting destroyed by Israeli forces. Probably the US army or Marines could get in if they had to, but thank god the USA is one of the last countries to have some sence left in them.
Re: Peace...

Jtf2 said:
Spoken like a true american

Thank you.

look m8 by the middle east i mean between palestine and isreal

Then say Palestine and Israel, makes things less confusing.

and why do you think there are terror attacks? because the US troops are where there not suposed to be...other countrys lol

Ok, you're walking on the fighting side of me, "m8." There is NO justification for the terrorist attacks, there is never any for the intentional taking of the lives of civilians. And anyway if we are not supposed to be in other countries, why do you think we should go to Israel (let alone the fact that they have been one of our only fast and true allies throughout the latter half of the century)? Too bad you weren't around back in 1944 to tell us you didn't want our troops in other countries. Could have saved us a lot of men by avoiding the liberation of France.
Lool i cant win this because this board is 98%american or isrealy I AM NOT SAYING ISREAL is wrong im just saying it cauld be done diffrently....

2nd sherman i did not attack you so learn to hold your tongue or your fingers in this case because it is you that speaks nonsence first off the UN isisnt only about war 2nd 180 country's are in the UN 3rd it is not only the US that liberated the french...canadians,the americans and the english did so check your history 3rd you want an attack here it is...the only reason isreal exists is because the english and the americans didnt want the jews in there least not all of them...for :cen: im on the isrealy side of this conflict im just revealing that there are more then one way to think


Jtf2 said:
Lool i cant win this because this board is 98%american or isrealy

That's the easy way out, isn't it? A heck of a lot easier than actually stating a clearly defined and supported position. But if you're comfortable with that, no one is going to force you to stand up for yourself.

it is not only the US that liberated the french

I don't recall sherman saying that it was ONLY our forces that liberated France. I am exercising a lot of restraint here, but it is yourself, not anyone else involved in this discussion, who needs to hold your tongue until you have thought out a coherent argument.

The reason Israel exists is because it is the Hebrews' homeland and has been for thousands of years. Sure there were political reasons behind its reformation following WWII, but I don't recall the U.S. or Great Britain deporting any Jews to the new country, something we probably would have done had our goal been removing any Jewish presence from our countries. The Jews in the States are Americans, and the Jews in Britain are British.
Alright redneck i was just saying that your not looking at both sides of this conflict... but theres no point in me repeating myself because you wont... like i said i was actualy hoping isreal cauld fully invade palestine and get it over with but i was just pointing out the counter argument...
and coming abck to subject i think the killing of that crimelord was a mistake in strategy because the younger generation are uhmm even more affraid for the jewish population...

(btw why wont my display pic show lol ive been fooling around with it for days lol)


And you think that YOU are looking at both sides (I know you say you are, but your arguments as far as they go seem pretty one-sided to me). I HAVE looked at both sides, and have found that I agree with the Israeli (not Isrealy) position over that of the voices you hear at the head of the Palestinians (i.e. Arafat & Co.). Just because I disagree with you does not mean that I haven't researched my position or that it is not a valid one, unless you are some fountain of truth that I was unaware of. It is very easy to play armchair general, but in war mistakes will be made (I don't believe the assassination in question is one of those mistakes, however), and as the old saw goes, hindsight is 20-20. Going back to the Teddy Roosevelt quote, it is easy to point out the faults of other men when you have done nothing.
And I am not asking you to repeat yourself (please don't) but rather to make a solid argument, which at the present time seems pretty haphazard and strung together to be blunt.

About your "display pic," check in the "Questions" forum and the "Features" one, I'm sure you will fnd your answer there, if not, PM me.
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