Ladies and Gentlemen, we got him!

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Again, my topic name is a rip off,i know...But this night Israel killed the leader of the Hammas, the most fanatic palestinian terror organisation!
To hear the members of Hammas tell it, he was a moderate compared to his successors. Interesting times, indeed. BTW, I missed HOW they got him?
I am glad you are happy about it, but it doesn't seem to be going over too well with the majority of the rest of the world. Have you noticd this at all?

Hmm, lets see, do i care...?NO. The bastard was a terrorist. He was not a moderate. What the heck is wrong about killing this guy? He was the leader of one of the deadliest terror org. in the world...
If the Pasifists in europe opend their eyes and looked around, maybe they would see that this is war....Still we got him! :cheers:

no. i doubt we will. I think we should get nasralla. his the top guy in the Hizballah, and the most dangourus dude in the area.
There is speculation that Sharon tends to order these high profile assassinations whenever he is in political trouble. Isn't his administration under investigation on charges of widespread corruption?

Well, the curraption was not in the news much in the days prior to the killing of Yassin....So, i dont think its that. Id say that it was to keep the right wingers in the gov....Dosent matter, Yassin was a terrorist any way you look at it.
hmmm. I can't find anything that supports the claim of a child killed. Must have been bull-z#!+. My apologies.
I didn't mean anything by my comments, I was just going by what I see over here, which granted, isn't always accurate. It's good to have a closer perspective on things, thanks.
Israel is not known for finesse. Why should she be? When you have women walking onto buses and blowing themselves up, teenagers strolling by a cafe and killing everyone within their blast radius, their explosives packed with poisoned nails to create as much damage and not just deaths, but injuries as possible .. the "kid gloves" go out of the window.

If Hamas wishes to target Americans over this, that's fine. It will give the US an excuse to become more openly active within the area, and allow us to openly support any Israeli operation without having to distance ourselves due to a fear of backlash from the international community. It will be open hunting season in Palestine. "Here wabbit."

It was a brutal murder...nothing to be proud about they shot missles at a handicap...i mean arrest him for he's crimes...It would be like killing a mob boss with a tank....
I don't see how you can call it a brutal murder.

True he was a paralytic (quadraparaltic?) come out of morning worship. But he was also a murderer, a terrorist, and a combat target. He murdered (directly or indirectly) women, children, babies, civilians. He was a terrorist. He knew he was a fair target in war, and ultimately he got what he deserved (IMHO).

And how can you arrest him anyway? Just walk up to him with a pair of handcuffs?

War? how is it war when you have an army ( that has billions and well trainned men) and you have a bunch of poor people with bombs obviously you shauld stop them but i bet if the handicap was american and he was a drug lord or a mob boss and he was killed but a suicided war 3 would start...its pathetic...if the US wasint backing up isreal it would have been long overun by forein armys...

The problem with this board is you dont look at both sides of the problem only the side that makes you happy.
JT, the only problem I see is yours. Everyone has their own opinions. If someone chooses to look at one side of the issue, that's their choice .. just as you apparently see one side of the issue. That's why it is an opinion. Relax. Share your point of view, let others tell you why they think it sucks .. rinse. Repeat.
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Jtf2 said:
The problem with this board is you dont look at both sides of the problem only the side that makes you happy.

All opinions are welcome here, as long as you can back them up!
If you take some time to study some of the other posts, you'll find proof of that.
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