Israel's most dangerous enemy.

which of the Arab armys was the most dangoures for the IDF?

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Yeah go to a site like Stormfront, like Seno seems to all ready frequent, and badmouth Jews there.

The thread was all ready off topic pages and pages ago when comments shifted from the actual topic, to things like my people will die in mass graves.

I think I have a right to be pissed, and to go against your blatant anti-semetism.

Don't believe that was said, look back before I had even left a single comment.
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A joke of course?

You fall back on the stereotypical Zionist excuse. Anyone who legitimately criticises Israel is Anti semitic.

It would be absolutely hilarious if it were not so damned pathetic.

Wasn't it David Ben Gurion that stated that if he were Palestinian he would do just as they are doing? Sadly such statesmen are not to be found any more.
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