Israel's most dangerous enemy.

which of the Arab armys was the most dangoures for the IDF?

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I consider Egypt to be a bigger threat out of these nations.

Egypt is already arming its military forces with high-tech western weaponry and they have improved the training facilities for their armed forces.

Also the performance of Egypt in 1973 War was not bad considering their relative military strength compared to Isreal.
FutureRANGER said:
Hey Sherman, I got a question. (Hope I don't sound like an idiot) Don't they all usually band together and attack you at the same time anyway?

Oh, yeah, they tried that. The Yom Kippour war was a nasty one. It was a surprise attack that had Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt launching a surprise attack against Israel. When the dust cleared, the Israelis had taked South Lebanon, the Golan, the West Bank and the Sinai, all of the Arab armies were in tatters, and their ari forces had basically ceased to exist. So much for Arab togetherness.

Italian Guy said:
I would say the Syrians. Same reasons as Conley's plus the fact that they never chilled own.

Syrians, Iranian regime and their network of terrorists!

Egypt and Jordan have, both, recognized the state of Israel
Egyptians, because they are just a better fighting force then Syrians, yes Syrians had the quickest way into Israel, but the Egyptians fought on a larger area and were kinda successful, while success of Syria was because of suprise.
Well, I think Israel's most dangerously enemy Egyptians army because long time ago like in 1948. They have a bigger land than Israel. LOL! I think.
eygpt....faar better than any other army in the Arab nations and are more fanatical,far more dangoureess than the scraps the Syrians have
Egypt was the most dangerous.
Notes on some posts:
(correct me if wrong)
1:The 1948 war prevent Israel from taking 100% of palastine land.
2:Israel participate in 1956 war to invade Saini.
3:war of 1967 was the main reason for 1973.
4:Egypt didnt fail in 1973,Israel was able to encircle the 3rd army while the 2nd army was well protected and in good position.
5:Israel didnt take the west bank(give me a prove)and in 22oct they were unable to advance any more.
6:Israel since the British promise they dont work alone-USA,England,France,USSR.While no one helped the arabs to stop Israel.
7.USSR is the second country accept Israel.
8.Most Arab countries was occupied or under rule of western country.
9.Israel want to achieve its ultimate dream(from Nile in Egypt to eurphurat in Iraq).
10.USA want the oil.
11.Western world want to occupy arab land again.
12.Thats why you are good friends.
13.Moses from Egypt,Jesus from Palastine,Muhammed from Arabia.
14.Middle East is the source of all religions and human civilization.
15.Thats why all nations want to rule Middle East.
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All my points are related especially the strategic position for Egypt mainly Saini make Israel want it under control for many reasons:
1-multi ways for the ocean.
3-Suez Canal.
5-No access for Egypt to Gaza.
6-Remove Egypt from Asia.
and alot of other reasons make Israel take any chance to reinvade Saini,especially Israel is small country while Israel war commanders repeat "Israel need to grow" but which Arab state should pay for Israel dreams I think over and over and i found my self choose Egypt and Saini(=3 times Israel) over and over.That make Egypt more dangerous even now.
the idea of agriculture makes me laugh...

Why,Saini is a wide area.Most of its land suitable to agriculture.And that one of the main reason make Saini very important for Israel,and Egypt realized that..
-I think Israel want to finish unfinished war with Egypt.
Thats why Egypt is more dangerous(they have to be)
yes us jews want to take over the world and finish you all and kill your babies and bake them in our passover bread while sitting on piles and piles of your money since we own that all too. :twisted::twisted::twisted:
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