Is USA a Military Empire?

It will be like in Demolition Man!

Sir I don´t understand what good the new patriot act 1-2 will do for the simple citizen in the United States of America? Here we have a very small group of fundamentalist that are threaten US. They are talking about the US government as if they are deliberately having a war aginst the christian nation with christian values in the radio show Power Radio. And then there are Alex Jones show where people from all social classes and political belives are talking about a police state where the US people loose more and more of their freedom and libertys?

Well it is rather interesting and here in sweden you don´t hear anything about this in the news or in the newspapers. It is just like the problems and the the political debate completely missing over here. And I can say one thing. If this would be in the open in my country and something like that they are talking about in US would happen over here I would say then it´s time to take up arms and fight for our liberty.

It is scarry but since the Madrid bombing the EU has taken steps to make this European Union more "safe" from terrorist attacks like wash one's hands. And I can´t see anything new with this terrorist threat of war. They have been there for a very long time and they haven´t done anything. So why now? For a couple of years this may have smelled like an conspiracy theory. I just don´t buy this war on terrorism anymore. I look at this whole thing as an war on the people. Black, White, Latino, Arab christian, Islam you name it. there's something fishy going on here if you ask me. Give up your freedom for security issues. :?


Doc...thats a very profound and scary post... :shock:

I guess you could say that when that comes to past...(if it does, which i hope it doesn't) that really would be the beginning of the United States becoming a Military Empire? Or just another dictatorship, backed up by its military.

Personally...when I get to the point where my freedom to speak out or do what I think is my right by my unamended constitution is taken away..will be the time i go to my secret place...and retrieve my current right to bear arms. That will mean its time for the social contract between my government and myself to be dissolved.

Mark Conley:

United States becoming a Military Empire? Or just another dictatorship, backed up by its military.

Sir I have been listening to this radio show now for about 3 months and as I can see it it´s only geting worse. An outsider would think why this sweed even care about what`s happening to the US constitution. Well it`s quite simple. I got lots of relatives living in america and they all left this nation because of the american dream. They have fighted nazis on the beaches of Normandy with americans at their sides. They have paid their taxes to the US government and worked hard to get an decent living for themselfes and for their children. And I am living on the other side of the north atlantic ocean and what do I see?

An nation that have 93% of it´s fleet at sea. An nation that have homeland security and a nation with new laws that takes away the fundamental rights of their people in pretext war on terrorism. The same thing is happening over here but our people in sweden have never seen their libertys as threaten because we have lived in a socialist gouvernment of rule as long as I can remeber, consistently there have been not to much libertys to defend. Untill now with this EU terrorist laws and so on. What is happening in the US will consistently spread over sweden through our membership in the European Union.

And soon we will have a living hell here to so it is not the question of how but when this Patriot act 1-2 will effect me as an citizen in my own country. There is from what I understand hundreds and thousend of people in the US that allready are prepearing for some kind of Police State or UN take over. This may look like an conspiracy theory but hey! All I am saying is that they are talking about it in the open media in the US and on the radio stations that are not in the bounds of the corporate media as they call it. And I can´t do anything else then look and listen to this and see how it in the reality is introduced (sneak) in to this European Union.

I would say that Mark you are right - your right to bear arms and your own unamended constitutional rights are in great danger. People may not read or hear anything about this in your own media, here in sweden they have created a special task force for biological attacks all in the name of the New World Order. I almost droped of the armchair back home here when I realised that they were perfectly aware of what they said in the news, that it was the New World Order force that was introduced and coached.

And then I asked myselfe... This "conspiracy theorists" that I had laughed at for some time did actually have a point. And thats why I am not laughing anymore because this look more and more as a new Neo Nazi or Stalin controll of people then a war on terrorism. The facts are apperently there and we are not saying anything. Well Mark.... As you.... I have my secret place but it is an question of how long that secret place will stay secret if our own government turns our nations in to a large slave camps or prisons. :?

Sir I don´t know what to belive anymore.... But if this New World Order and UN takeover will continue then there will be a lot of people to patch togheter. Let´s hope that this is not true and that this thunderstorm will pass over our heads or that the people reacts before its to late. :(


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