Iraq's Legacy of Terror: Mass Graves

Re-Iraq's Legacy of Terror: Mass Graves

Well it is not so hard to understand that the_13th_redneck ;)

The left doesn`t see or chooses not to see todays or the past communism victims. You find Jews, ppl like me and others amongs them. The lefts has never bothered to see the obvious with their own history. There are still swedish former communists in the north that returned from the U.S.S.R after their dream of nirvana was crushed with bullets and assault and battery togheter with both physical and psychological abuse for years. The so called RussianSwedes was in the dark untill last year when an fairly independent TV documentary was shown on swedish television.

The older generation of communists did reluctant excuse their lack of interest to help or acknowledge the home comming victims, and the existence of the U.S.S.R dreamland project that they launched here in sweden to get more support from their commrads on the other side of the Iron curtain when sweeds left sweden to help the communist dreamland to grow.

The familys openly told the rest of the swedish ppl what the leftwing had done to them, IMO the leftwing supported and still do (but not for the public eye) what Stalins gorillas did do to the RussianSwedes. When the RussianSwedes finaly could flee or leave that system in Russia and return to sweden they were expeled as members of the leftwing in sweden, and not only that, the left in sweden did drive their own cold war against those ppl.

After years of tyranny that our leftwing "didnt" acknowledge untill 2004 when this documentary was released, the leftwing loosed voters and members point blank down. The former RussianSwedes got their excuse reluctant. Our leftwing party did know the whole story but they never talked about it, they choosed not to see and to forget as the left always do when it comes to the obvious.

Among the younger generations and the young leftwing you didnt find any compassion towards the RussianSwedes and no excuse eather. But they did tell the swedish ppl that Cuba is a democratic country and that was about all that happend. So you see guys. The left will never see the pure evil in that system, whatever the cost may be in the end of human life. They can call President George Bush the devil himself, but they will never see their own stupidity when it comes to the silent victims of the communist system.

Stalin did kill many more ppl then Adolf Hitler ever did. But as a former allied towards the West we couldnt afford to show that in our news at the time eather. That would have made the allied winner looked less gracius then we have been taught in school and at home in different documentarys on telly.

Today the taboo about the true history about the great war has been released towards the public, but in carefull portions. Dont forget, the leftwing is probably the strongest political force in the entire EU, because I count in Socialists too. The same crap IMHO you find there but a less destructive one in that way that it takes more time to reach the final goal. Saddam Hussein was the leftwing hero, he idolized their great hero. So what do you expect from the leftwing media and parts of Europe? :lol:

No one is so blind, as the one that chooses not to see...

Jack_Mordino said:
About the forum rules: Red-font warning me is not the way to go. I didn't insult anyone. Perhaps it is annoying to see views such as mine but this is supposed to be an international forum. If views different than the ones that sound good to american ears cannot be posted then by all means state it. The hard fact situation is in fact so complicated that in the very core of it the only hard fact one can have about an event is to be there and see it by himself.

The problems is not your views, but your first post about the 400,000 civilian casualties without any kind of source or evidence.....
Please send me a PM (Button at the bottom of my post...) if you have any problems with the forum rules or how this forum is being moderated.
And I would also suggest that you take a look at my flag, and the flags of many of the other members here as well first before commenting (more) on american ears etc.....

Now, let's stay on topic here from now on.

i may be prepared to believe 400 k died from bombing in nam, in korea, but not in iraq

provided the number of people in industralized areas of iraq ( where most bombings occured), provided the fact that if 400 k died in a couple weeks of bombing where was the bodies

some might incline to say those mass graves were actually those 400 k died by american bombing, well, some DNA test wuld tell
gladius said:
If you don't hate him as you say, then you must agree that the discovery of these mass graves deserve priority from everyone including the media.

Whatever Bush did is now moot concerning the severety of this find.

Though I still hold my previously stated opinions, I agree that these mass graves should hold more attention.
some might incline to say those mass graves were actually those 400 k died by american bombing, well, some DNA test wuld tell

Except that the majority of ones that have been investigated so far date from the time of the killing of the Kurds back in the early 1980s. Quite awhile even before Desert Storm in 1991. The clothing and posessions among the dead are Kurdish.
gladius said:
You're right the media simply lacthed on to the no WMD's in Iraq because thats the only thing that they could make stick.

The ultimate threat was Saddam himself, he didn't exactly have a good track record of being a nice guy. The fact the media doesn't latch on to the mass graves is because it make a good case for the President. It all about media perspective, don't anyone tell me they are not biased.

There must be some really hard core hatin' of Bush to ignore the mass graves of hundreds of thousands.

Ya man ur right. Saddam was a real :cen:. He had rape romms and torture chambers that he used on his citizens. people say that the war is wrong and that we are husting the Iraqs. When they say this they must be uneduacated about the war to be so mad at Bush for taking Saddam out of control of Iraq. We also found all those labs.I think that the press said they might not be labs but they are. The media doesnt report all of these because it says that the gov. is doing a good thing.

If anyone does question my sorces i have family and friends that work in the State Dept. and the Peatagon.
I believe one of Saddam's Infamous sons Uday was notorious for raping women although there was no evidence of Saddam Hussein being directly involved.
Re-Iraq's Legacy of Terror: Mass Graves


rape rooms? care to show me one in pic?

I have seen one in a documentary shown in sweden that was sent after the change of the regime in Iraq 2003. This was shown before the prison scandal. However I cant find any pic´s from the documentary on google that is, but I have seen a room for that kind of torture. The design of that room talked for itself, a shocking discovery I tell you. But the news spin and all this anti-war thingy together with the prison scandal overriding the interest of that discovery. Former Iraqi prisoners told the crew for the documentary about this horrors. According to the former prisoners they was forced to listen to women that was raped in the room next to them. Mr Uday son of Saddam Hussein was well known for his sociopat behavior. "Unfortunate" I cant find the pic´s from that chamber anywhere, perhaps someone else with more time to look can find them.

03USMC said:
Nice Rhetoric .....Looks good on ya. So are we to assume you cannot provide the facts to lend creedence to your claim of 400,000 civilian causalties during the air phase of Desert Shield/Desert Storm?

I feel used and propagandized. :cry:
MadeInChina said:
rape rooms? care to show me one in pic?

There is film of the place, so no pic but film yes.

Not to mention there are several credible witnesses, that alone holds up in most courts of law.

Not only did Uday rape women, but he also fed them to his dogs, literally!

Here ares some examples; the place is now called Gunner Palace by the Field Artillery unit who occupies it. the story she tells of her girlfriend, kidnapped by Uday Hussein for a tryst, then raped, beaten, covered in honey and fed to his Doberman pinschers.

Gunner Palace is the name the 2/3 Field Artillery unit of the US Army gave to their barracks, a bombed out palace, complete with swimming pool, once occupied by Uday Hussein. It’s the love shack where he had his way with women and fed them to his dogs.

Heres the link: Baghdad on my Mind

Stuff like this doesn't get much press, if it did people will given even more reason for justifying taking out Saddam.

Heres more stuff;

An Iraqi cab driver told me he spent two weeks in prison because his uncle was a communist. "I had to cover my ears because of the screams of the women being raped," he said.

Amnesty International reports how Ba’athist guards sliced chunks of flesh from the bodies of women prisoners and then force-fed them to the captives. Abady told me of seeing buildings in northern Iraq filled with captive Kurdish women: A man could go to these buildings, fill out a form, and take a woman away for his own pleasure.

Here is something that was said by an Iraqi himself, in the article, who lived through that, not a westerner with his comfortable surroundings.

Exacerbating the pain of many Iraqis is a keen awareness of the world’s record of apathy toward their plight.

"Where were the U.N. and our ‘fellow Arabs’ when we were suffering?" Hasan asked. "Where were the peace activists and leftists? How can they all accept the crimes of a dictator for so many years, then rise up in protest when a war begins to remove that dictator?"

The "peace" protesters need to talk to this guy. So they can know what it was like first hand.
Re-Iraq's Legacy of Terror: Mass Graves

The "peace" protesters need to talk to this guy. So they can know what it was like first hand.

I'm afraid that "peace" protesters and the leftwing will never listen with that ear sir - if so they had stood in the same room when it happened. This is a dirty war, and as always some frictional resistance to the truth are more dirty then others. WMDs or not is :cen: in comparison to this IMO. But human life and suffering has never been their strong side when it comes to the true victims of terror so why get all worked up? :( 8)

Re: Re-Iraq's Legacy of Terror: Mass Graves

Doc.S said: always some frictional resistance to the truth...

WMDs or not is :cen: in comparison to this IMO. But human life and suffering has never been their strong side when it comes to the true victims of terror so why get all worked up? :( 8)

So true. These extreme left "peace" protestor would rather call Bush the war criminal. Like you said the truth is resisted, they focus on what furthers their own agenda, be it at the expense turning a blind eye to incredible human torture.
Do these guys really think that by doing nothing, you have peace? By doing nothing, it just never hits the news.
Re-Iraq's Legacy of Terror: Mass Graves

Do these guys really think that by doing nothing, you have peace? By doing nothing, it just never hits the news.

gladius hits the bulls'-eye with his comment. They focus on what furthers their own agenda. Even if it is at the expense of turning a blind eye to human torture. But this is not mentioned in the news or in any other free television network, not anyone that I know of that is. But what they lack to see happen to a whole ppl in Iraq, they do have a really good vision when it comes to suspect Al Qaida fighters posted at the Naval Base Guantanamo Bay on Cuba. Well "funny" thing is that Al Qaida is also well known of torture and killing ppl at football stadiums in Afghanistan, known to stone women to death and treat them as second class citizen.

Well I thought that except from fighting every war that U.S may participate in also involves the fight for womens rights. Well I don't know how it is in the rest of the world but in Sweden their biggest issue is feminism. So my conclusion of all this from Mass Graves to human shields to protect an Dictator to go on with his terror against his own ppl and threaten a whole region they also tries to hide behind a perfect mirror of we care about the week. IMHO this sick form of double morale is as obsolete that even Dinosaurs shows allot more intelligence if I may say so. IMO It is a wonder that they walks upright.

What is maybe even more scarry then massgraves is that modern ppl still affiliated to this form of so called western resistance. If they would have their way with Al Quida or Saddam Hussein they would still been in power and those ppl would been slaves and that is the scarry part. Maybe they even would have visited more North Korean military parades and be even more amazed over Kim Jong-II Nuclear program. They still don't see the ppl that are starving to death over there. They just see the "evil USA and GB" taking their form of healthy society into small pieces.

If I would have to choose between being shoot down in a massgrave outside Baghdad or going to a movie such as Star Wars and the Revenge of the Sith one afternoon, I would choose the last alternative I tell you. Freedom is a large word, but in those ppls mind it seems like freedom is to kill everyone that don't think as they do, and as much of your own ppl that you can dump so their twisted form of government can go on and go on and forget the rest of the world.

As long as you don't look the wrong way when you shouldn't look you have license to make massgraves and stone women to death at football stadiums and send ppl to labour camps where they work themself to death. But it is not okey if someone apprehend a suspect criminal and questioning this one if they have any connections towards what they consider to be their form of freedom - mass murder - I think all this can be explained as mass psychosis to be honest.

And it is as global as any terrorist network I tell you, and I consider them to be even more hazardous then the terrorists themself hence they seems to lack everything that is common sense. The modern SA troops you find amongs the extreme far left. Attacking everything that isn't theirs at all, Police officers, buildings, shops, innocent ramblers that don't wear their kind of uniforms, Palestina shawls and skimasks and they are talking about police states and police brutality when they almost stones police officers to death on the streets themself.

I am glad that there still are ppl out there that thinks a little more about other ppl then this kind of ppl seems to do, because if they would rule the world, there would be hidden massgraves all over this place, and no one would have known about them I tell you guys. Kids in school should get a proper education when it comes to these evils as with national socialism that is as dangerous as this far left thinking is.

Their great leader is the same thing as Adolf Hitler was and I still cant get it how this ppl seems to disgust this form of government and on the same time construct their own form of tyranny. Scarry part is that some schools seems to support this form of education. They actually learn the young ones to dishonor western traditions and hate their own culture, that is truly a sick pattern of behaviour if I may say so.

-Tolerance is the virtue of believing in nothing-