Introducing: Redleg! :)

How do you get gear and when does your rank appear by your name. And where is there a site where I can get a different pic for my name that will actually fit, everything I have tried has been too big.
Hm, maybe I also should introduce myself here (again). :D

As most of you (should) know, I'm a Redleg (Artillery) by heart, mind, body and soul, and has been that for the last 9 years.
My rank is 1. Lieutenant, and I do currently work at the Norwegian FA School at Rena camp, with Artillery Survey, Reconnaissance, Manouvre and C2IS (Command, control and information systems).
During my 9 years in the Army I have been 1 year at the Sergeant school for the Field Artillery, two years ot the Army's Officer School, 2CO and Platoon Commander of a Survey/Reconnaissance platoon, Recon. Officer etc..
I have also been three tours abroad, to South Lebanon, Macedonia and Bosnia.
And as many others here I did also attend to a junior military group before I started my real military career.
I was in the Home Guard/Infantry for 2-3 years, and I really loved it, so that made me apply to the Sergeant School right after high-school.

Enough about my military career.
My other interests are quite limited now after my daughter was born two years ago. (but thats really not a bad thing.. ;) )
My family, work and this site takes most of my time now, but I do also enjoy wintersports (snowboarding/cross country), and scubadiving and fishing in the summer.
I did skydive for some years, but I had to take a break from that when my daughter was born (takes to much time and costs to much money.. :( ), but I hope to start again this summer (or the next one).

If you have any questions about me or this site/forum feel free to post her or PM me. :D
Trying to find a unit that has the crest...combat support.....putamus viam semper esse. If you could help, thanks.
Hi Redleg!
I just joined the forums today. Glad to have deployed :)
I have a technical question about this amazing site. How can I contact you beyond the public forum?