immigrant pay

US is based on immigrants coming there to work..

So why's this hostality against immigrants?

People from my family have immigrated to US, Hell, My brother even worked and lived there for a while.

I dunno now how the mexicans politics are and how their country are..

But it isn't as easy here to get a job as dishwasher or to work on a little place like McDonalds..

Though I shoulcn't complain, I had a employment test on my city's best restaruang..

But I don't think it is about looking for a job, I think it is abouthow much you will struggle for it..

But I think I shouldn't discuss a topic like this, I cannot tell how it is in US on that part, only how it is in Sweden.

I can get jobs by my family's social contacts.. Wich is quite good for my part..

But I am sorry to hear people have a hard time to get a job over there..
SilverPhoenix said:
US is based on immigrants coming there to work..

So why's this hostality against immigrants?

Ma'am, we are not saying anything against immigrants as a group here, just the ILLEGAL immigrants. By moving outside of the laws and regulations governing employer-employee relations and responsibilities, the ILLEGALS create a very large number of problems and generate ill-will through circumstances like those described by Guardsman_ca. All of the political cartoons you see of the U.S. "closing the gates" to America are uninformed, likely intentionally so, given who writes them. We welcome and grant residency to over 1 million new LEGAL immigrants each year, but more than 500,000 other potential immigrants cross our borders each year ILLEGALLY, and they are where the problem lies.

There are of course some hard feelings against legal immigrants and migrant workers here in entry level (usually manual labor) positions, just as ther would be anywhere else if a body of people moves in and, by being willing to work for less, can come to dominate a certain job market.
I have heard a lot of bad things from European EAP students and from my own sister who is on foreign exchange in DK currently that there is just as much or more ill-will over there against the middle-eastern and Turkish immigrants.
I have heard a lot of bad things from European EAP students and from my own sister who is on foreign exchange in DK currently that there is just as much or more ill-will over there against the middle-eastern and Turkish immigrants.

Well, I can tell you a little interesting information.

When it comes to Denmark: Hey, They even hates swedish people moving over, they hate more or less everyone who is not from DK.
I've hard friends and my famlilys friends that they are hostile against everything that isn't involving red and white.

What I mean is, Either you are born in Denmark or you are a immigrant. And a Immigrant is always a immigrant.

When it comes to Sweden, Yeah, we have a quite brutal and strong nazis and racists in our country.

They dream about that day when they are strong enough to take out all immigrants and "stupid" people that goes against their idea.

I know alot of that, Do not judge me though but yeah, I have had a few nazi/racist friends in my life.. Well, not friends anymore since I started listening to R'n'B and hip hop. (They quite don't like me defending that sort of music and people)..

and Sweden almost had a democratic part that call themselves "Sweden's National Democrats" to get into the higher level where they could rule Sweden if they win.

But as far as I see it, No one really worries about that part.

Everyone except me.. :?

And Finland..

Well, They are Finland and every year they bring about 5 immigrants to their country and no more.

About Norway, I have no idea how that country works, Haven't read their statistics and information about that part.

So I will leave it to Redleg if he wish to tell you.

And that is as far as I know about things..
This seems to be true of the DKs. My wife's father was born in Germany and her mother was first generation Swedish. They lived in a town that was made up of about 90% Danish second and third generation Americans. They were standoffish and even hostile toward my wife and her family. The hostility toward anyone, who as SilverPhoenix commented about the Danish not liking anything that is not red and white, seems to hold true even here.

People bring their cultures and customs with them. Some melt well into the mainstream of what we call America and others do not. My father's parents came from Italy. Although I can understand a lot of Italian and Spanish I do not speak it except when it becomes necessary and then I am not fluent. When I was a kid my entire neighborhood was made up of Italian immigrants and you never heard English spoken among them, only Italian. This language custom died with that generation. On the other hand, I live in South Texas where there are a lot of hispanic people. Many are sixth or seventh generation Americans but still speak Spanish daily. This language culture stays with this group as I guess the standoffishness does with the Danes.

It's all about tempering your thoughts on this and seeing the positive that a group brings with it when they immigrate. After all this is what makes America what it is, the world's melting pot. America was built on the ideals of many cultures and the freedom to be whatever you choose makes us what the rest of the world seems to desire even though other cultures profess that they hate the American ideal. Maybe it's envy and ignorance that makes this paradox, but very few people who immigrate here return to where they came from.

Just some of my thoughts. Thanks for letting me share.
Not that I shall mention why..

But I can see why people immigrates to US and back to where they came from..
I agree with you there, Wingnutz, especially the last paragraph.

On a side note, my dad was in the same unit as yourself, Wingnutz (I'm taking it that that is your unit crest). I'm revealing my ignorance here, but I cannot remember the unit name or anything beyond that it's MI (still figuring out my own branch's units haha).
i don't think that an illegal immigrant deserves any benefits such as a paying job simply because he's illegal. if you want to live in this country, go about it correctly. i respect legal immigrants, but i scorn upon those who are not legal. if you want to live in my country then you better go through the legal process. i don't wanna hear the sob stories and how hard life is in other countries such as mexico. we all have sob stories and it's always gonig to be that way.
lastly, i strongly believe that if a person in this country, My country, is illegal, then he needs to get the hell out of here and come back with a greencard. that's my two cents.
SilverPhoenix said:
I guess some of you are going to be p*ssed off by my honesty.

Well it is just your opinion, so no, but I do disagree with you dang near about 100%. Also with the being "close to death," I have almost died several times and seen several other people actually die and it's not all it's cracked up to be.

Why does young teenagers in US kill their classmates with guns if your country is so good?

Why do German men cannabilize each other and then act like they've done nothing wrong? Pretty simple answer, there's wackos everywhere, and one shuldn't try to judge a country by the existance of insane individuals. It may seem at times that we have more than our fair share of these people, but keep this in mind: our country is as big as your continent. More people total = more craziness per country.

Seriously, If no one of us reaches out to help others, you will be the one who won't have that hand when your in need of it.

To be honest, this is pretty offensive, considering we have had tens of thousands of our troops die in foreign countries fighting to preserve freedom overseas, and who has been there for us when we in turn needed help? You could count them on the fingers of one hand.

US thinks almost the same about this, because some of you don't want to look at the outcome. I ain't attacking you all that works for US, but you have to face it, how many people do you treat and how many people is suffering..

I realize it is your opinion and you are entitled to it, but I would ask you in the future to refrain from comparing my nation to a terrorist organization unless you are willing to do some research and try to back it up, ok?
No I didn't intend to call your country a terrorist organisation.

And you all are not happy with my response.

I was just trying to show that there is more behind those persons.

I ain't against those US troops, and I problaby made it seem like I got hostile against Us and so forth.

It had a worse outcome then it was supposed to have so I will delete it.

Not that I do not stand for my poinions, because that is a apart that I stand for.
diplomatic_means said:
Why don't people like touchy questions? It's not like they bite. I stomp on every question and don't care if I look like and idiot in the process. Who cares what people think. Be assertive. Someone answer the question.

Amen. I personally believe illegal immigrants should not be in the country (hence "illegal"). Yes I'm sure they've been through a lot in their own countries and whatever, but bending over backwards and giving them what others earned (I'm talking about welfare) isn't the answer (not the right to do either). They need to help themselves sometime. Its not impossibly hard to gain citizenship. You don't need to serve in the military or anything. If they would actually get a greencard and a job I wouldn't have a problem with that at all, thats what America is about, opportunities, not free money. So, no, I do not thing illegal aliens should get the same pay. I do not think they should get any pay. They should not have the job in the first place (walmart isn't helping any).

Actually, I don't thik the immigrants is actual the big problem in this situation.. Ever considered this world being over populated?

The world isn't overpopulated, yet. Places such as India and China are pretty close, if not there already, but America and Europe aren't nearly there yet IMO.
i think that equal pay for peopel who either cam here illegal or came here legal is just bunch of horse dung. i mean they wanted to come here and get a job. We need to send the people that came here illegal back. I'm not trying to sound racist but it just how i feel about it. Its going to end up putting american people out of jobs and on welfare. No people with welfare is just another story cause any one who is lazy enough to get off there fat butts and not look for a job is BSing me. They live along the boarders of stated so they can collect from both states. it think we should send them to another island. And make them work. I belive that much and that we need to get rid of equal oppurtunity becasue that in it self is just crap. I think that some one of another race will get a job over a more highly qualifed white person, and thats becasue of the equal oppurtunity. so we need to just start getting back and equally seeing each other as both of americans. not some balck or hispaninc but as one. So we all get the same chance to have a job not just becasue he/she is black
I think (or I hope) that you're talking about AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, in which case I would agree with you, I believe affirmative action has accomplished its job and now is just being used as an excuse for underachievers. But EQUAL OPPURTUNITY is a very necessary institution or ideal rather. Equal opportunity is just the practise of treating everyone the same and not excluding anyone from any position based on race, religion, sex (unfortunately this now includes sexual "orientation," I think some people need to reshoot their azimuth on that nav course), whereas affirmative action is the practise of utilizing quota systems and other means to create NUMERICAL equality, regardless of merit, which I believe is not only unfair, but is also harmful to our society.