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Just for the heck of it what do people feel about equal pay for illegal immigrants in the same jobs as Americans? Or whatever the similar question would be for those of you outside the good ol US of A.
that's a touchy question putting aside the fact that they're Illegal i would say that as long as their qualified they should be paid accordingly.
Why don't people like touchy questions? It's not like they bite. I stomp on every question and don't care if I look like and idiot in the process. Who cares what people think. Be assertive. Someone answer the question.
Roger. And people avoid touchy questions because they don't want to offend people, you can't go through life shooting your mouth off all the time (not referring to anyone in particular here, just making a statement).

And it's kind of a moot point in this case anyway, if anyone can regulate how much an illegal immigrant is paid, then they would have to have information on the individuals in question, and if the government had this information, they could then deport the illegals. Therefore there would be no more problem with paying illegal immigrants because there wouldn't be any. Which is why employers of less than admirable morals are able to pay illegal immigrants less.
There are immigrants who hae to move away from their countries though,
And should they wait helf they life before getting a greencard?

I mean, does anyone think of the children who have been through the war, they only got their parents, and the parentsonly have the money they can make by being a immigrant..

Hell.. Some immigrants here in Sweden can't even speak Swedish.

and they maybe are 50 years old when they come here for shelter and help..

And some of the political groups want Sweden to even have a demand on the immigrants to be able to read and speak Swedish as it should..

but hey, should a 75 year old man be sent home just because he ain't able to learn?

that is not fair, we cannot always look how the immigrants behave and so forth..

Yes, most of them here in Sweden rob or assault their wives and it's this and that..

But maybe it just haven't got anything with their culture to do?

Maybe it is because they are stressd inside and have a awful life..

If we poeople don't help eachother..

What will then become of us..

And I am aware that some people thnk that some people shouldn't live..

I feel that about Saddam.. (and no on else)

Look at the world war II, many peolpe wasn't against the jews, but if they were going against hitler they would die quite quickly..

It's all about pressure, and more or less brainwashing..

The human race is meant for seraching something to believe in.. Well, not maybe everyone.. But you guys know what I mean..

We shouldn't judge some other people just because they have lived in Irak.. We can at least give them a chance.. A chance to live..

Everyone can't always help how they have become.. But wecan support them and try to change them into the better.. (What now is to be better?)

And to try that without hating them, is honourable itself..

I believe in immigrant pay, even though we maybe moves backwards economicly..

But most of all, I think 60% about the children in this matter..

If we don't like them, why would we then adopt children from other countries?

I know one thing, I am going to adopt, I wan't to give them a chance I never had..

(I dunno if I got out of subject, but I think you atleast know what I ment :?)
the thing is, the US is becoming quite overcrowded.... and you have to know just as much spanish as you do english, and those of us who are citizens are losing jobs because of those who are here illegally. I know that most coutries have to learn english, but while they are at it, they might as well learn spanish cause the next thing we know, english will be americas 2nd language.... i know what they are getting at

if the countries need help, when america gets out of their $5million+ dept, we'll help them out, and go in there and kick their communist governments ass... lol i'm j/p about that
I will agree there are some circumstances where citizens have to leave their homeland but we have various Laws and Procedures that have to be followed. the longest running problem is with Mexican Nationals crossing U.S borders with complete disregard for our Laws and now our beloved(?) President instead of addressing the Immigration problem accordingly wants to just give them citizenship there goes Homeland security our Economy and God knows what else.
Now if this sounds Racist or mean Spirited then So Be It but I for one DON'T want to see this Country become a 3rd World Nation.
plus, the Mexican immigrants get 5 years of no/reduced/deducted taxes and other benefits and some come for 5 years, and at the end, they have tons of money for mexico, and leave... my mom had a student who said his parents were doin that
Alright round of appluase for everyone. You came out of your shells and as you actually spoke your OPINION noe of you came across as blatantly racist. And you thought you were going to get attacked in the streets because you put your opinion on a BB. People shouldn't worry about such things and just be clear and competely honest with their communication from the get go. Now, my opinion, comes from a quote by a guy named Maddox.

"It's obvious that if you force companies like WalMart to pay illegal immigrants the same wage as Americans, then they have no incentive to hire them over citizens."

This is part of my belief. What do people think? And don't scurry away in fear.
Actually, I don't thik the immigrants is actual the big problem in this situation.. Ever considered this world being over populated?

Here in Sweden we are in the same situation more or less as you in the US are when it comes to job..

But when I looked closer and asked people about it.. Both Swedish people and immigrants..

It showed that both of us had no bigger chance of getting a job..

so is it the immigrants fault? or how we have constructed the society?

I think this is a very interesting matter myself..
do you mean have we constructed the society to go for more work for less pay or what? i'm lost

i know here, that you can hire a Mexican immigrant and usually they will do the same job for less. and probably do it better... i dunno...

and they are trying to make all these cures.... anyone ever think that that might be a way to keep the earth from being overpopulated?
There are a lot of jobs that most Americans just won't do. Immigrants take these jobs since they start out on the bottom rung. My grandparents came from Europe and took jobs in the coal mines for little pay and hard work. They were honest hard working people who valued family and education. It took three generations for my fiamily to graduate someone from college but we took our place in society and worked hard to get to where we are today.

This is the way this country has always worked. It is a free enterprise system and everyone who wants to can make a living here and prosper. My grandparents were legal immigrants and were treated roughly when they got here. I understand that the problem is with illegal immigrants taking jobs away from Americans. My point is that these illegals take the jobs that no one else wants. When was the last time you were turned down for a job as a migrant farm worker or a dishwasher/busboy at a restaurant because some illegal beat you to it?

There is plenty of work. You have to earn the right to choose your job.
We employ a massive number of migrant agricultural workers where I live, and no, I don't think that any Americans would do the job they do for the same pay, which is fine with me. I have no problem with migrant workers with work visas, but illegals create an enormous amount of problems that cost us a lot of money. These problems aren't just related to keeping them out or finding them once they're here, but it is also nearly impossible to regulate their employers (which seems to have been what prompted this discussion in the first place). It's not just their pay that needs to be regulated, but their business practices as well. One ex-rancher (now convict) brought about 40 illegal Southeast Asian immigrants over and put them on his ranch back in the hills as basically slave labor. No one even knew about them until one was found wandering in the mountains. If they were registered (legal) this would not have happened.
My position is I don't care how many legal immigrants we have, everybody has ancestors who immigrated here at one point (even the "Native" Americans), but I DO care about illegal immigrants and do not like the problems they generate.
Wingnutz said:
. When was the last time you were turned down for a job as a migrant farm worker or a dishwasher/busboy at a restaurant because some illegal beat you to it
I have been turned down six different times for a dish washing job.
I have also been fired from 2 other jobs and and replaced by Mexicans in both of these cases I knew why I had been fired as I had been told off the record.
btw My sister is Filipino and she and her kids all worked in the fields picking Onions ,Strawberries ,etc . one day one of her kids was ill and I offered to take his place she checked with her boss and when he was told that I was White he said no...anyone care to try and explain that.
Well, I think it is like Redneck says. The problem is with the illegals and the employers that use the slave labor. I had honestly hoped that someone would come back and say that they lost jobs to illegal aliens. You do not say if you were relieved from your job and replaced by illegals. If you were then I would turn that employer over to the INS in a New York minute. Seems like maybe there is more going on with that employer than meets the eye. Since you are a legal citizen, or white as you put it, he may feel that he cannot control you as he does the others which suggests that he may be doing some business that may not be exactly on cue with the law. I live in South Texas and there is a lot of drug traffic that comes through this area. Illegals are often running the contraband through here. Unsavory businesses help to move the contraband along for a piece of the action.

So I have to agree with Redneck in that I have no problem with legal immigrants working here. It is the illegal trade in human resources that is the problem.
You do not say if you were relieved from your job and replaced by illegals
Yes they were.

If you were then I would turn that employer over to the INS in a New York minute
another guy I worked with called INS and they checked the place out and took 4 people away for forged documents. I found this out about 3weeks affter I got another job.
I don't have a problem with Legalised Immigrants it's only the one who are not here legally.
i understand where you are getting... but for the reason that there is someone else who will do the job, americans have become somewhat selfish. When there was no one else to hoe the field, Americans were out there doing their work... therefore farmed by americans anmd all that good stuff was true. I think America should just open their eyes... and see what else there is to offer.... i mena i understand where your grandparents were standing, but they were leagal, and now are accepted by society i would think.... dunno, but i gotta go for school ttyl