I want Redleg banned.

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Cadet Chief Robot said:
tomtom22 said:
WOW, I left for 5 days and I missed the revolution!
The revolution hasn't ended. It'll be over either when Redleg is gone, he meets my demands, or I'm banned.

For Pitt's sake, this guy here is tougher than I was :shock:
I see no good coming of all this, no good :(
Padre, please guide these fools, I am but your deacon, I am not as knowlegable as you are, my father!!!!

And yes IG, you are forgiven in the name of the Church Of Padre, as long as you said your prayers.

:angel: Deacon Hoohaa :angel:

:biggun: :brave:
:shock: :cry: Oh no dude you and your fellow insurgents gonna get butchered by :firedevi: 's forces :tank: :tank:
I've been there before you so please surrender before it's too late :eek:
Dont worry Redleg!!!!!!!! Me and my cavalry of faithful members will hold them back! :horsie: :horsie: :horsie: :horsie: :horsie:
Hahaaa!! another sick rebelion?? oh my god wont u ever quit? I am feeling sick and tired of whipping ur :cen:

well, the combined forces of the alliance shall crush ur worthless rebelion.
The troops of MIGHTYMACBETH shall do its part!!!!

As the President in "Mars Attacks" would say:

"Can't we all just get along"?

President James Dale (Jack Nicholson)

We can get along when Redleg is either defeated, meets my demands, or me and my fellow Desperados are all banned. :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :bored: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank: :tank:
Padre, please tell these sinners that they can never defeat the great and Mighty Redleg, or his mighty army of long range artillery!!!

:angel: Deacon Hoohaa :angel:
this is true, hell would probably be much better for them than anything Redleg would come up with.

:angel Deacon Hoohaa :angel:
this is very much a jerry springer thread with the mods on either side and good old phil (or whatever his name is) in the middle
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